100 Years of U.S. Figure Skating

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In honor of U.S. Figure Skating’s Centennial Celebration, we will be kicking off each month by asking our fans to share their skating memories on social media. At the beginning of January, we pos...

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U.S. Figure Skating will celebrate figure skating’s everyday heroes, once in a lifetime icons who have inspired generations of skaters and the support network behind every skater and each member ...

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While the United States Figure Skating Association officially formed in April of 1921, attempts were made much earlier to create a governing body. Figure skating historian James R. Hines writes i...

Centennial Celebration

Leatrice Bulls: A Tireless Worker

She practices with Skyliners senior synchronized skating team, part of Team USA, anywhere from six… READ MORE
Leatrice Bulls takes a photo traveling
Centennial Celebration

U.S. Championships Throwback: A Look At Fours

Two ladies. Two men. One program. The discipline known as “fours” has vanished from the modern… READ MORE
Calla Urbanski and Rocky Marval skating at the U.S. Championships

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