100 Years of U.S. Figure Skating

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Dick Button was a tough act to follow. But he left a roadmap. While Button, the 1948 and 1952 Olympic champion, was dominating and revolutionizing his sport, he was also setting the stage ...

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In honor of U.S. Figure Skating’s Centennial Celebration, we asked fans to share some of their favorite skating moments. At the beginning of February, we asked, “What is your favorite Get Up® mem...

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Editor’s note: This story titled “Filling the Void” appeared in the January 2011 issue of SKATING magazine, on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the plane crash that claimed the lives of the ent...

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“We all fall. It’s how we get up that matters.” Those 10 words serve as a mantra for athletes of all levels, across all sports. They are also at the core of U.S. Figure Skating’s Get Up cam...

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While the United States Figure Skating Association officially formed in April of 1921, attempts were made much earlier to create a governing body. Figure skating historian James R. Hines writes i...

Centennial Celebration

Glide Down Memory Lane with Superfan Claudyne Cassella Hutchinson

U.S. Figure Skating is currently celebrating its centennial anniversary. Not all superheros wear… READ MORE
Group of women standing next to ice skating rink

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Ice revues and hotel shows had huge impact in 30s and 40s

A story about the beginnings of the Ice Follies and Ice Capades appears on page 10 of the February… READ MORE
1930s show skaters Frick and Frack perform a jump and duck move together in a black and white staged photo.

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