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Learn more about what SkateSafe® does and how our SkateSafe® team can help you navigate reporting, outreach and education for you individually, or within your club or program. 

close up of the ice skates of a figure skater
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Collegiate Ambassador Megan Westphal reflects on the first intercollegiate competition of the season for Adrian College 

Members of the Adrian College Figure Skating Team pose with their trophy.
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More than 180 athletes have qualified for the 2024 Prevagen U.S. Figure Skating Championships, which will take place Jan. 22-28 in Columbus, Ohio.

Isabeau Levito, wearing a light brown colored dress with a snake on it, raises her arms as she salutes the crowd.
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Olympian Sandy Lenz reflects on recent life events

Sandy Lenz (left) poses for a photo from the waist up with her adult student, Emily Thompspon (right). Lenz is an older white woman with shoulder length blonde hair. She is wearing a white sweater with a white scarf and gives the camera a thumbs up with her other arm around the shoulder of her student. Emily is wearing a black long sleeve skating costume and it proudly holding up her testing papers with a big smile.
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The annual ice show put on by the adaptive skaters of Gliding Stars of Erie is a culmination of years of dedication from club leadership and volunteers who have helped make it possible. 

Skters using various mobility devices skate in the annual ice show

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