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Humana Named Title Sponsor for 2023 Skate America

Rough ice with sunset.
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 Single-session tickets for 2023 Skate America are now available.

Madison Chock and Evan Bates compete in the free dance at 2022 Skate America. Evan (left) is a white man wearing a light purple top with black pants. Madison (right) is an Asian woman with long black hair wearing a light pink skating costume
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The new council will serve as an advisory group and partner with appropriate U.S. Figure Skating staff departments to deliver coach certification, development and education for all U.S. Figure Sk...

Rough ice with sunset.
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Simpson becomes South Dakota’s first quadruple gold test medalist

Joelle Simpson poses on the ice with her coach. Joelle (left) is a young woman with long brown hair wearing a green skating costume. He coach (right) is an older woman with short brown hair wearing a black and red jacket and black pants. They are standing with one arm around each other and the other on their hip
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Louisville Skating Academy brings individuals with autism and their families together for camps throughout the year focused on fun and empowerment. 

An older woman skater with a skater with autism. The woman (right) has long black hair and is wearing a black winter coat and black pants. The skater (left) is a young boy wearing a grey tshirt over a long sleeve black shirt with grey sweatpants and a grey bike helmet. They are holding each others hand while the woman smiles encouragingly at the young boy

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