Alumni Connect

Alumni Connect is a program meant to bring skaters back to the sport in a fun and meaningful way. Cultivate new relationships, re-connect with old friends, and rediscover your love for the sport, on and off the ice!

What is Alumni Connect?

Alumni Connect is a networking and social group meant to bring current and former figure skaters together and rediscover their love for the sport. Whether it's through local meet-ups, weekly skating sessions or big bucket list trips, skaters are bound to connect with others in their community!

This program is open to any current or former U.S. Figure Skating member who is 21 or older. Whether you just started skating or have been involved since you were a kid, this group is the perfect place for you!

There are nearly 2,000 Alumni Connect members from all over the country.

Doug Williams sits at the alumni connect check in table

How do I join the network?

You can sign up for the Alumni Connect network through our online form and by joining our Facebook group. The membership is completely free!

What do I receive as a member of the network?

Members can expect the following membership benefits:

  • A free welcome gift in the mail
  • Quarterly newsletters containing upcoming events, job opportunities, member stories and more!
  • Access to virtual and in-person events (webinars, meet-and-greets, social skate events)
  • Group ticket sales for domestic U.S. Figure Skating events
  • Domestic and international bucket list trips open exclusively to Alumni Connect members (more info coming soon!)
alumni connect group on ice picture

What else can I do to stay involved and support U.S. Figure Skating?

  • Officiating: Officials are the backbone of U.S. Figure Skating, ensuring fair competition for all skaters by enforcing the rules and regulations that govern the sport of figure skating. Click here to learn more on how to become an official with U.S. Figure Skating.
  • Adult Skating: Whether you are an adult who became a skater or a skater who became an adult, the U.S. Figure Skating Adult Skating Program has a place for everyone to learn, enjoy and participate regardless of age or level. Click here to learn more about the Adult Skating Program.
  • Coaching: Coaches are responsible for teaching and inspiring competitive and recreational skaters, sharing the joy of figure skating and creating a lifelong love of the sport. A coach is an instructor, a role model and a support system, and U.S. Figure Skating adheres to high standards of excellence for its coaching community.  Click here to learn more about how to become a U.S. Figure Skating coach.
  • Donate: Consider making a gift to U.S. Figure Skating to continue to support our athletes and our skating programs. Ready to provide a donation? Click here to visit our donation page.