Excel is an opportunity for skaters to continue testing and develop their skills while showcasing their strengths at events. Available at nonqualifying competitions, including designated Excel Series competitions, Excel free skates consist of required elements different from the standard track to help boost skaters’ strengths.

2022 Excel Series Festival

Excel National Festival

The Excel National Festival is an opportunity for skaters from Aspire through Senior level to participate and compete at a national event. 

Held annually in July, the National Festival is made up of two parts:

  • Excel Series Final and Finalist Camp - The top Excel Series skaters from each section will be invited to participate in the invitation-only Excel Series Final and Finalist Camp.
  • Open-Invitation Excel Series Competition - Skaters at the Aspire through Preliminary levels can compete in the Open-Invitation Excel Series competition.

The 2024 Excel National Final and Festival will be held July 10-14, 2024 at The Skating Club of Boston. 

Click Here For The 2024 Excel National Final & Festival Tentative Schedule.

Excel Series

At the Excel preliminary plus, pre-juvenile plus, juvenile plus, intermediate plus, novice, junior and senior levels, the top skaters per section will earn an invitation to compete in the Excel Series Final. Skaters at the excel aspire through preliminary levels receive an open invitation to compete in the final.

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