Showcase is an exciting theatrical opportunity for skaters who love entertaining crowds. The skaters and audience alike enjoy a thrilling performance that fuses figure skating with artistic creativity.

With the use of props, elaborate costumes and theatrical performance, showcase fuses figure skating with artistic creativity. Showcase events are open at many nonqualifying competitions for single skaters, duets, small ensembles and production numbers. 

Singles skaters of all ages and levels can participate in showcase in the following categories:

  • Emotional Performance
  • Choreographic Artistry (Juvenile - Senior, Adult Masters only)
  • Lyrical Pop
  • Character Performance
  • Comedic Impressions
  • Open Inflatable
  • Theme Event 

Descriptions of each category and rules regarding props can be found in the Showcase Guidelines. 

A highlight of showcase events is the opportunity for skaters to compete in a group. Club members and friends alike can enter these events to have fun and show off their theatrical skating skills. Groups can participate in the following events: 

  • Duets/Trios – Two or three competitors perform a theatrical program with the option to use props and scenery.
  • Mini Production Ensembles – Groups of four to eight skaters perform together with the option to use props and scenery.
  • Production Ensembles – Nine or more competitors perform a program together with the option to use props and scenery.

Find a Showcase Competition 

Click Here For The 2023-24 Showcase Guidelines. 

National Showcase

Click Here To Register For The 2024 National Showcase Event. (Deadline: June 9, 2024 At 8:59 PM PT).

Important Notification Regarding The 2024 National Showcase Event: Please contact the competition registrar if your qualifying test meets any of these conditions:

1.  Qualification through any Free Dance test;

2.  Qualification through a partial Pattern Dance Test.

Please do not wait until the last minute for this.  There are a number of skaters for whom one of these conditions is true, and if everyone waits until the last minute to enter, our registrar will not be able to help you enter before the entry deadline.

National Showcase is a competition filled with inspiration, and skaters who qualify are strongly encouraged to participate. Qualification requirements vary; check the Showcase Guidelines for the most up to date information. 

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