Program Requirements


Any U.S. Figure Skating member in good standing may compete in U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned competitions.

Any U.S. Figure Skating member in good standing may compete in U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned competitions. Competitions may cover all four disciplines of U.S. Figure Skating: singles, pairs, ice dance, and synchronized skating.

The program requirements for all of the event types offered by U.S. Figure Skating can be found below. To learn more about participating in U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned competitions, click here

For resources and requirements for hosting sanctioned U.S. Figure Skating competitions, to go Members Only - Clubs - Hosting an Event

Need to miss school for a U.S. Figure Skating competition or event? Fill out the School Absence Letter Request Form

Standard Nonqualifying Announcement Template

Latest Updates & Clarifications:

5/19/23 - The 2023-24 rhythm dance and free dance charts for pre-juvenile through senior were posted.

5/16/23 - The 2023-24 singles short program and free skate charts for no test through senior were updated.

5/12/23 - The 2023-24 pairs short program and free skate charts for juvenile through senior were posted.

5/11/23 - The 2023-24 pattern dances for qualifying competitions were posted.

4/13/23 - See 2023-2024 Competition Season Eligibility Updates

Program Requirements Charts:

2022-23 (Current) Season


Short Program (2022-23, Juvenile-Senior) (PDF, 8/8/22)

Well-Balanced Free Skate (2022 -23, No Test-Senior) (PDF, 8/8/22)

Adult Well-Balanced Free Skate (2022-23) (PDF, 8/1/22)

Excel Free Skate Effective beginning Jan. 1 (2022-23) (PDF, 11/2/2022)


Short Program (2022-23, Novice-Senior) (PDF, 4/3/22)

Free Skate (2022-23, Juvenile-Senior) (PDF, 7/8/22)

Adult Pairs (2022-23) (PDF, 9/1/22)

Partnered Ice Dance

Pattern Dance (2022-23 Qualifying Season, All Levels) (PDF, 6/2/22)

Rhythm Dance (2022-23, Junior-Senior) (PDF, 6/3/22)

Free Dance (2022-23, Pre-Juv.-Senior) (PDF, 4/21/22)

Adult Partnered Pattern Dance (PDF, 7/13/22)

Adult Partnered Free Dance (PDF, 8/1/22)

Solo Dance

For Solo Dance Series competition information and requirements, CLICK HERE

Adult Solo Pattern Dance Rotations (PDF, 7/13/22)

Adult Solo Free Dance (Bronze - Gold) (PDF, 8/1/22)

Solo Pattern Dance Rotations (PDF, 1/20/23)

Synchronized Skating

Short Program (Junior-Senior) (PDF, 5/26/22)

Free Skate (Preliminary - Senior) (PDF, 5/26/22)

Aspire Synchro (Snowplow Sam - Aspire Preliminary) (PDF, 7/1/22)

Special Olympics Unified SYS Well-Balanced Program Requirements (PDF, 10/19/22)

Compete USA Events

Programs & Free Skates

Program (Snowplow Sam - Basic 6) 

Program (Pre-Free Skate - Free Skate 6) 

Excel Free Skate (Excel Beginner - Excel Preliminary Plus) 

Well Balanced Free Skate (No Test - Preliminary) 

Adult 1-6 Free Skate

Adult Free Skate (Beginner - Bronze)

Elements & Compulsories

Elements (Snowplow Sam–Basic 6) 

Compulsory Moves (Pre-Free Skate - Free Skate 6) 

Excel Compulsory Moves (Excel Beg.–Excel Prelim.) 

Adult Compulsory Moves (Adult 1 - Bronze)

Team Compulsory

Specialty Events

Showcase (Emotional, Character Performance, Comedic Impressions, Lyrical Pop, Duets/Trios, Mini Production Ensembles, and Production Ensembles for Basic 1 - Preliminary and Adult 1 - Adult Pre-Bronze)


Jump Challenge

Spin Challenge

Solo Pattern Dance (Preliminary - Pre-Bronze and Adult Preliminary - Pre-Bronze)

Special Olympics


Skate United

Special Olympics


Hockey Elements and Skills (Hockey 1 - 4)

Team Events

Aspire Synchro (Snowplow Sam - Aspire Preliminary) (PDF, 7/1/22)

Theater On Ice

Adaptive Skating

Program requirements for Special Olympics and Skate United badges can be found in the Compete USA Manual

For additional details about adaptive skating, CLICK HERE


Compulsory Moves

No-Test - Senior Compulsory Moves

Adult Compulsory Moves Beginner - Masters

Jumps Challenge

Pre-Preliminary - Senior Jumps Challenge

Adult Jumps Challenge

Spins Challenge

Pre-Preliminary - Senior Spins Challenge

Adult Spins Challenge

Moves in the Field

Pre-Preliminary - Senior Moves in the Field

Adult Moves in the Field

Step Sequences

Pre-Preliminary - Senior Step Sequences

Adult Step Sequences


2022-23 Showcase Guidelines

High School Skating

High School Team Maneuvers

High School Artistic Free Skate

Moves-in-the-Field to Music