National Skating Month Resources

A wide variety of resources are available for rinks, clubs and programs hosting National Skating Month events.

The size, scope and frequency of National Skating Month events are at the discretion of the host organization. We recommend using the following digital and printable resources to make your National Skating Month event a success.


Plan Your Event

National Skating Month Administrative Manual

Marketing Toolkit (PDF) (Word)

Bring a Buddy Coupons

First Time Skater Evaluation

Safe Skating Practices

COVID Signage Package


Helpful Forms

Waiver and release form

Photo release form


Digital Ads 

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Social Image - Square - Option 3

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Social Image - Square - Option 4

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Printable Fliers

Basic Skating Techniques

Getting the Most Out of Your Skating Lesson

Let's Get Started


Frozen 5K

Frozen 5K Lap Tracker

Did you purchase a Frozen 5K add-on kit? Check your email for a link to your digital assets.


Printable Activities

Podium Challenge

Coloring Page - Snowplow Sam

Coloring Page - Center Ice

Coloring Page - Ice Resurfacer

National Skating Month Crossword 

National Skating Month Word Search


Resources From Past National Skating Month Celebrations

7 Ideas for Hosting a 2021 National Skating Month Celebration

2021 Ice Skating Goals Activity

When I Skate I Feel Prompt

Figure Skating Crossword

Hockey Crossword

Speed Skating Crossword