National Skating Month

Join the fun, skating is for everyone!

A wide variety of resources are available for rinks, clubs and programs hosting National Skating Month events.

Participate in National Skating Month

Have you ever wanted to lace up a pair of skates and take the ice? Now is your chance! Learning to skate is easy and fun. With a little determination and a bit of practice, you will be gliding forward and even backward across the ice and toward your goals! Whether your want to learn to skate backward, spin really fast or even land an Axel, a National Skating Month event can help you get started.

Host a National Skating Month Event

Rinks, figure skating clubs and Learn to Skate USA programs are encouraged to join the National Skating Month movement and host an event in January. Turn-key marketing and giveaway kits are available to purchase now, and resources for planning, hosting and marketing your event are available online throughout the year.

Rinks, clubs and programs are encouraged to plan energetic, family-friendly events that showcase the fun and empowering nature of ice skating. The size, scope and frequency of National Skating Month events are at the discretion of the host organization, and U.S. Figure Skating recommends reserving at least one kit per event.

This year, U.S. Figure Skating is offering a $45 kit that can serve up to 200 people, depending on how the items are distributed.

The $45 kit includes (subject to change):

  • Branded Binder
  • Rink Diagram Practice Pad
  • Branded Bags (Drawstring and Plastic)
  • Bubbles
  • Rubber Ducks
  • Notepads
  • Pens
  • Window Clings
  • Stickers
  • Chapstick
  • Zipper Pulls
  • Luggage Tags
  • Gloves
  • Frisbees
  • Towels
  • 3 National Skating Month Posters
  • Online Marketing Materials
  • Printable Activities
  • Resources on how to host a safe National Skating Month event
  • Additional resources and giveaways
  • NEW! Fun and Games Manual

Kits are available while supplies last.

Reserve your 2023 National Skating Month kit

Resources for Host Organizations

Hosting a National Skating Month event is a great way to share the joy of ice skating with your local community. Each year, U.S. Figure Skating prepares a digital suite of printable and downloadable event resources that are designed to make your event a success. 

Together we can help new skaters across the country skate to great, one blade at a time! 

Access the National Skating Month Resource Portal

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