Coach Compliance

U.S. Figure Skating appreciates the cooperation and understanding of all members to help implement SkateSafe compliance requirements that promote a safe and healthy environment for all U.S. Figure Skating activities.

Compliance Requirements

U.S. Figure Skating requires coaches to be compliant in order to instruct/coach at the following sanctioned activities: international competitions on behalf of Team USA, developmental international competitions, qualifying and nonqualifying competitions, test sessions, all performances (including ice shows, exhibitions, recitals and carnivals) and any other sanctioned club activities (including club ice).

In order to be considered compliant, coaches must identify as a coach within their Members Only profile and complete the following ten requirements by July 1 of each year:

  • U.S. Figure Skating Full Membership (either through a member club or as an individual)
  • Completion of the U.S. Center for SafeSport's online SafeSport™ Training
  • Successfully pass a bi-seasonal background check (includes automatic recheck at the 12-month mark)
  • Agree to the U.S. Figure Skating Code of Ethics
  • Verification of liability insurance
  • Completion of CER Courses (administered via PSA)
  • Agree to Waivers and Release
  • Agree to Medical Consent
  • Agree to Name and Likeness Release
  • PSA Membership (if coaching in qualifying competitions)

Coaches who have completed their compliance requirements are advised to have a copy of their membership and compliance cards with them at all sanctioned activities and events.

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Detailed Information

Membership requirement: Coaches must have a full membership with U.S. Figure Skating. This may be in the form of an individual membership or through a figure skating club.

SafeSport™ Training: This training is created and maintained by the U.S. Center for SafeSport and is accessible via Members Only. Once a person completes the “SafeSport™ Trained” course, completion of a Refresher course will be required annually thereafter.

Background Check: All coaches 18 years of age and older must complete an annual background check via Members Only. U.S. Figure Skating partners with NCSI to ensure the process is secure and confidential, and only background checks conducted by NCSI will be accepted. Should an applicant contest a U.S. Figure Skating decision to deny participation as a coach in U.S. Figure Skating activities based on a "red light" finding from the background search, the applicant has the right to appeal the decision to U.S. Figure Skating pursuant to a process established by U.S. Figure Skating.

Code of Ethics: All coaches must review and agree to the U.S. Figure Skating Code of Ethics, accessible via Members Only.

Verification of liability insurance: Coaches must show proof of liability insurance with coverage limits of $1 million per occurrence and $5 million aggregate. U.S. Figure Skating partners with American Specialty Insurance Services to offer a comprehensive general liability insurance for coaches that covers skating and skating-related activities. To access coverage through American Specialty Insurance Services, click here.

Continuing Education Requirement (CER) Courses: U.S. Figure Skating requires all coaches who are coaching at nonqualifying/qualifying competitions and/or test sessions to fulfill a Continuing Education Requirement (CER). All CER courses are available online through the Professional Skaters Association (PSA), and one does not need a PSA membership to take online courses.

All coaches are required to complete four CER courses (one course in each topic area). For more information about CER courses, visit

Waivers & Releases: All coaches must review and agree 1) Waivers and Release, 2) Medical Consent, and 3) Name and Likeness Release, accessible via Members Only.