Adult Testing

The test structure is the foundation for U.S. Figure Skating. Passing proficiency tests allows a skater to advance to the next level. Each level has specific requirements that a skater must perform in front of a panel of qualified judges. Adults can choose to test in the adult testing structure or the standard track testing structure; either structure allows the adult skater to participate in adult competitions and events.

Free Skate & Moves in the Field Tests Singles and Skating Skill Tests

Adult singles and skating skills tests are divided into eight levels: pre-bronze, bronze, silver, gold, Adult intermediate, Adult novice, Adult junior and Adult senior. The standard free skate test structure is comprised of eight levels ranging from pre-preliminary to senior. For singles and skating skills, the adult pre-bronze through gold tests are generally equivalent to the standard pre-preliminary through bronze tests. Adults may progress to either the standard track or adult track intermediate skating skills/singles tests after passing the adult gold skating skills/singles tests.

Adult pre-bronze through senior skating skills tests may be taken by adult 21+ candidates (adults 21 or older) and adult 50+ candidates (adults 50 or older), with age-appropriate test expectations. Candidates must specify their intention to test as an adult 21+ or adult 50+ candidate when registering to take the test. Adult skating skills tests taken as any type of adult candidate qualify skaters to take the corresponding singles test.

If you passed figure tests prior to 10/1/79 or your most recent free skate tests prior to the establishment of moves in the field prerequisites (10/1/94 for standard-track tests and 9/1/02 for adult-track tests) you are not required to start over with the first moves in the field test. Your figure or free skate test level grandfathers you at the corresponding level for free skate and moves in the field. You may start testing at the next level higher or a lower level. See the Moves in the Field and Free Skate Test Grandfathering Chart for complete details.

Pairs Tests

Adults may take pair tests on either (or both) the adult and standard-track test structure. The adult pair tests are divided into three classes: bronze, silver and gold. The standard pair tests are divided into six classes from pre-juvenile through gold.

Ice Dance Tests

All standard partnered pattern dance, solo pattern dance, partnered free dance and solo free dance tests are available to adults. Additionally, adult partnered pattern dance, solo pattern dance, partnered free dance and solo free dance tests are available and may be taken as adult 21+ (21 and older) or adult 50+ (50 and older candidates) with age-appropriate test expectations. The adult partnered pattern dance, solo pattern dance and solo free dance tests have the same levels and content as their standard counterparts. The adult partnered free dance test structure is divided into four classes: pre-bronze, bronze, silver and gold.

Figures Tests

Adults may take any of the standard figure tests from preliminary through the eighth tests. Additionally, three levels of adult figure tests are offered: bronze, silver, and gold. If you have passed standard figure tests and would like to cross over into the adult figure tests structure, see the Figures Cross Over Chart for complete details on the level at which you may begin testing.

Unsure of Your Prior Test History?

Recent test history is located in the U.S. Figure Skating database, accessible from your Members Only

 account (select "Account," "Member Profile." "Skate Test History"). If you have been away from the sport for an extended period of time and your test history is no longer in the current database, you can request your prior test history be researched in the U.S. Figure Skating archives.  To initiate this process, download the Test Verification Request Form. Questions can be emailed to U.S. Figure Skating member services.