Summer SKATING Highlights the 1970s

The June-July issue of SKATING magazine continues to celebrate the organization's 100-year anniversary.

In the June-July issue of SKATING magazine, we look back at those skaters and moments which made the 1970s so memorable. Greats such as Dorothy Hamill, Linda Fratianne, Charlie Tickner, and Tai Babilonia and Randy Gardner rose to the top of the world as U.S. Figure Skating reinserted itself as a powerhouse following the World Team plane crash of 1961. We also continue to honor “100 contributors” — 10 in each issue of 2021 — who have dedicated their time, talents and passion at the grass roots level to make the sport fun and fulfilling for others. The 10 people featured in the June-July issue are Claire Ferguson, Dawn Ahlers, Richard Breitweiser, Carolyn Haman, Carole Hudoba, Terrie Kerth, Maria Morin, Kathy Murphy, David Santee and Joanna Zehme. 

June-July 2021 Issue

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2021 Skating Magazine - June-July 2021

U.S. Figure Skating is celebrating its Centennial Anniversary in 2021. As part of the celebration, the SKATING magazine archives will be open to the public throughout the year. Access the archives here