Showcase Extravaganza provides virtual opportunity for theatrical skaters

The Showcase Extravaganza welcomed skaters to submit a video to a panel of judges who scored their programs using the new Component Judging System.

This fall, the Showcase subcommittee offered a new opportunity for theatrical skaters. Dubbed the Showcase Extravaganza, the program provides skaters the opportunity to submit their theatrical programs online to be evaluated by officials.

"With the cancellation of 2020 National Showcase, we wanted to provide skaters with the chance to perform their Showcase programs for a panel of officials," said Daren Patterson, the National Vice Chair of the Showcase Subcommittee. "The opportunity is especially unique because skaters are judged under the new Component Judging System we introduced this year." 

The Component Judging System, or CJS, evaluates skaters on three component marks:

  • Showcase Skating Skills
  • Performance and Projection: Universe, Musicality and Feeling
  • Artistic Appeal with Innovation and Creativity

Multiple deadlines are offered for submissions, with upcoming deadlines of March 28 and May 2. 

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Showcase Extravaganza Results

Overall Standings (first three rounds only)


Round 1 Results

Round 1 Protocol

Round 2 Results

Round 2 Protocols

Round 3 Results

Round 3 Protocols

Round 4 Results 

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