Registration Open for 2023 High School Cyber Challenge

The High School Cyber Challenge, which consists of two virtual event segments - team maneuvers and artistic free skate - enters its third season. Registration opens today Dec. 1.


The 2023 High School Cyber Challenger is here!

Created in the 2020-21 season, the High School Cyber Challenge is a virtual event sanctioned by the U.S. Figure Skating High School Subcommittee that allows skaters across the country to enjoy the fun and camaraderie of high school team skating.

The virtual competition experience takes place from January through March and consists of two segments: team maneuvers and artistic free skate. High school teams can enter one or both segments and earn points towards a team total.

While initially created to keep skaters competing during the COVID-19 pandemic when in-person competition opportunities were limited, the Challenge has become a fixture for many teams to showcase their skills in a team environment nationwide. 

“This virtual competition is a great opportunity for high school-aged skaters to compete on teams with their peers, celebrating a love for skating and building lasting friendships,” High School Programs Subcommittee Chair Waverly Huston said. “We are looking forward to recognizing some talented and passionate high school skaters this year!”

At the end of the Challenge, U.S. Figure Skating will award the Dorothy Tank Team Spirit Award to high school teams that demonstrate their love for the sport of figure skating as well as their high school team pride. In previous years, winners have been awarded gift cards going toward a team pizza party.

The Two Event Segments

Team Maneuvers

Team maneuvers is a team event for two to nine skaters per team. Teams divide up the nine required elements amongst team members and compete elements one at a time.

For more information about team maneuvers levels and program requirements, click here.

Artistic Free Skate

Artistic free skate is an event that was created specifically for the Challenge to encourage creativity and artistry. Programs focus on the skater’s ability to artistically express and present a complete composition while demonstrating technical skills.

A strong emphasis will be placed on:

  • Expression of the music’s character/feeling and rhythm
  • Finesse
  • Originality of composition
  • Multi-dimensional use of space and design of movements
  • And the involvement of the skater physically, emotionally and intellectually as they deliver the intent of the music and composition.

For more information about the artistic free skate levels, music and program requirements, click here.


At the end of each event, a leaderboard will be posted on the Results Archive under the High School Skating page on Members Only, and each participant will receive a certificate and pin. Top three finishers in each event group will receive High School Cyber Challenge medals.

Last season, the Sky Rink High School Skaters team took home first place in both team maneuvers and artistic free skate events.

Join the Fun!

Registration opens today, Dec. 1, 2022. Click here for the official 2023 Cyber Challenge competition announcement. See registration forms below for each event:

To participate, all teams must be registered with U.S. Figure Skating as a School-Affiliated Club. A minimum of 2 skaters can form a team. Read more about starting a high school team here.

Event Timeline

Team Maneuvers:

  • Registration Deadline: Jan. 3, 2023
  • Video Submission Deadline: Jan. 17, 2023
  • Judging: Jan. 23-29, 2023
  • Leaderboard Posted: Feb. 3, 2023

Artistic Free Skate:

  • Registration Deadline: March 6, 2023
  • Video Submission Deadline: March 20, 2023
  • Judging: March 27-31, 2023
  • Leaderboard Posted: April 7, 2023

Virtual Viewing & Awards Night: April 6, 2023

For more information about the 2023 High School Cyber Challenge or U.S. Figure Skating’s high school programs, visit the  High School Skating page on Members Only, or contact Chloe Roberts, Manager of School and Alumni Programs, at