NQS Highlights: Weeks Three and Four

Qualification for the Sectional and U.S. Finals continued as four competitions were held across the country from July 20 through July 31.

Qualification for the Sectional and U.S. Finals continued as six competitions were held across the country from Aug. 3 through Aug. 13. 

The following six competitions took place in the last two weeks:

Highlights from the last two weeks include:

  • Novice skater Meghan Huffman expressed her excitement about competing at the 2022 Philadelphia Summer Championships, where she placed first overall in Group B with 127.01 points. The learn to skate helper hopes to one day compete at the U.S. Championships and internationally. When she's not on the ice, she loves playing tennis, painting and going to the beach.
  • At the 2022 Silicon Valley Open, Romy Malcolm and Noah Lafornara performed a solid two programs to capture second place in the junior combined dance event. The duo is looking forward to the rest of the qualifying season!
  • At Cup of Colorado, Phoebe Stubblefield became the fifth U.S. woman to land a triple Axel in competition in the junior women's free skate. Check out her soaring Axel here
  • Senior woman Alena Budko took the gold at the 2022 Scott Hamilton Invitational with 172.70 points. Her mature expressiveness, musical sensitivity and well-rounded programs stood out to officials. 
  • Annabelle Rie, who competed at the Cranberry Open, displayed true Get Up resilience over the competition weekend. The senior woman returned to competition after a significant foot injury and major surgery earlier this year. Her dedication and perseverance showcased through her return to qualifying competition.
  • At Copper Cup, Mia Kalin was noticed not only for her deep edges, speed and control but also for an effortless quad toe loop (performed in combination) in her junior free skate program. The height, distance and flow into and out of the jump stood out. 

NQS will be in full swing in the upcoming weeks. Competitions currently underway and upcoming include:

  • Onyx Challenge: Aug. 19-20
  • Potomac Open: Aug. 19-21
  • Southern California Open Championships: Aug. 18-21
  • 2022 Sherwood Invitational: Aug. 26-28

For more information about NQS, visit the resources below: