Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions? We have answers. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about U.S. Figure Skating's new digital experience. 

General Questions

Why was the website redesigned?

After nearly two decades without a major overhaul of the organization’s website, U.S. Figure Skating prioritized the need to update and enhance the organizations digital front door. The reimagined takes advantage of advancements in technology that allow for more efficient content sharing and mobile accessibility, making the user experience more informative and enjoyable.

Who was involved in the redesign process?

Last year, U.S. Figure Skating’s Board of Directors, a combination of different volunteer committees and working groups and headquarters staff embraced the need for creating a new digital home for U.S. Figure Skating and the project was made a key organizational initiative.

The transformation from an outdated website to a state-of-the-art digital platform that is both visibly pleasing and duly informational has been a collaborative effort.

Taoti Creative, a Washington, D.C.-based website design company, was selected to lead the project after a thorough vetting process. An extensive audit, including in-person and remote interviews with internal and external stakeholders, surveys of members and non-members, as well as data-driven research kicked off the process. Testing of the website’s new architecture was done with an extensive group of users representing all membership categories, age groups and geographical regions of the country. The overall design of the new website was influenced by U.S. Figure Skating’s Brand Guidelines Book, several in-person and virtual sessions with stakeholders and industry-based research.

What were some of the biggest changes that were made to the site?

The user-centric navigation and overall site organization were two of the biggest changes made to the site, while the shift of many resources that are member-focused to the Members Only website also defined the project. One of the most anticipated changes to the site was the creation and addition of the 'Skating Journey' section, a simplified visualization of the path that skaters of all levels take in the pursuit of a lifelong passion for figure skating.

What is the Skating Journey?

The Skating Journey is a dynamic visual representation of the path that a figure skater takes from their first engagement with the sport through participation in international competition. Though not every skater will participate in every step of the skating journey, this path is a central resource that can help each and every skater locate information and materials that matter most to them.

Is this the end of the road for the website rebuild?

Definitely not! Building a website is an iterative process and we are dedicated to evolving our website over time to meet the needs of all our audience. If you have suggestions for resources that would help improve your use of the website, please submit your suggestions through our webform or via email.

What is the best way to locate content on the new site?

For the most part, we recommend utilizing the search tool that is found in the header navigation. This powerful new tool helps users locate anything on and gives you quick and easy access to the content for which you are searching. In addition, using the steps of the skating journey as a starting point can help you locate information that is specific to where you are on your personal skating journey.

What are some of the most important new features that were added to the new site?

There are many new features on Some of our favorites include (in no particular order):

1. A brand new Club Search

2. The Watch page

3. The Skating Journey

4. Find a Competition Search

Opportunities for Fans & Volunteers

My favorite skater is SO AWESOME, where can I follow along with their competitions?

The best place to follow along with your favorite skaters is the U.S. Figure Skating Fan Zone. You can browse athlete profiles, see results from recent events, and much more. The new website provides a quick link to our event schedule as well as a direct path to Fan Zone to meet all of your fan needs!

I want to watch figure skating online, where can I find events that offer streaming?

Our new Watch page is the best place to find information on how you can watch your favorite figure skating events both live and on demand. The database of events is frequently updated with new links to provide you with immediate access to tickets, streaming, and television/streaming listings for figure skating competitions around the globe.

Where can I find more information on participating in figure skating as a volunteer?

Check out the Volunteer page under “Support” on the main navigation. This new page dedicated to volunteers contains information on the wide variety of volunteer opportunities available through U.S. Figure Skating.

I want to find somewhere to skate, how can I find a skating club near me?

Our new 'Club Search' will allow you to locate clubs within a certain distance from your home, or a desired zip code or search specifically by keyword, city, or zip code to locate skating opportunities near you. Use the list to select your preferred club and click to activate additional information like address, phone number or to see a map of the club’s location. The club’s official website is also just a click away.

Members Only Content Repository (MOCR)

What is the Members Only Content Repository (MOCR)?

The Members Only Content Repository (MOCR) is a new tool specifically for U.S. Figure Skating members within the Members Only website. The MOCR contains resources relating to a variety of topics and audiences. A searchable database of resources and assets makes locating information that is important to you easier and helps U.S. Figure Skating headquarters better manage content to ensure everything is up-to-date at all times.

How is the MOCR different from the regular Members Only site?

The MOCR is an extension of the current Members Only site, designed to hold documents and resources that were previously on but were better organized behind an extra layer of authentication for our membership only. The MOCR is also based on a more flexible storage system and allows for resources to be quickly updated.

How do I get to the MOCR?

First, login to the Members Only site as you have previously. Then, using new menu items you will be able to locate new pages that contain links to important documents and resources. You can also use the search function linked in the site header to narrow resources by topic, date, or type. Give the MOCR a try and see how this new tool will unlock valuable information for you.

Where do I find technical notifications

Technical notifications are an important communications tool for members to receive critical updates about the sport. These can now be found on Members Only through the following path: Members > Technical Notifications.

I'm looking for Skating Rules and Resources...where do I go?

One of the largest categories of material that moved from to the Members Only website are the rules and resources for each type and/or discipline of skating. To find these, navigate to Skating Opportunities > [Select Type] > Skating Rules & Resources. This change has standardized the menu where these resources can be found, no matter what you’re looking for. If you’re an official, these can also be accessed through the “officials” menu.

Where do I find the rulebook?

In addition to the rule book on, it’s also available within Members Only. From the Members Only homepage it can be found in Members > Rules and Policies.

Where can I find nonqualifying announcements?
I'm looking for results from a competition series. Where should I look?

For many competition series, a results archive can now be found on Members Only. Similar to how Skating Rules and Resources have been organized, results archives can be found by navigating to Skating Opportunities > [Select Type]. If a results archive is available, it will appear and an option in the menu navigation.

I'm an accountant and looking for accounting central. Where did it move to?

Resource materials for accountants are found in Accounting Central, now located under the Leadership menu. Educational and advancement information can also be found through Officials > Officials Info > Accountants. After U.S. Championships, all of Accounting Central will be moved under the Officials menu.

Where is the directory located now?

The U.S. Figure Skating Directory is still available on Members Only, but its location has changed. It can now be found as the first item within the Leadership menu.

I can't find test forms. Where are they now located?

Test forms are now located on the Members Only website. They can be most easily accessed by selecting the Skater Journey menu item, and hovering over “Testing” and Selecting Forms. They can also be accessed by club officers through Clubs > Testing > Test Forms and by officials through Officials > Skating Rules & Resources > Test Forms. If you are not a club officer or an official these menu items will not appear for you.


Where can I send a question to U.S. Figure Skating regarding the new website?

If you have a question about where to locate information or how to use the new website, please feel free to email us at and will get back to you as quickly as possible with an answer. You can also use one of our video tutorials to learn how to use many of the new functions of the website.

I have some suggestions for improving the website. Where can I submit those?

We have set up a webform where you can submit your feedback, including adding any files (i.e. screenshots) that might support your request. You can also email us directly. 

Learn more about the website

The following tutorial videos have been created to better help users understand some of the most commonly requested new features. Please submit feedback about the website here.

Tutorial Video: Accessing Members Only
Tutorial Video: Find a Club
Tutorial Video: Find a Competition
Tutorial Video: Watch
Tutorial Video: Rules