Campers Share Passion for Synchro

The OneTeamMVMT Synchro Camp aims to grow the synchronized skating discipline worldwide while giving skaters a unique camp experience focused on learning and laughter. 

Above: Photo courtesy of Paul Lindquist Photography

By Joanne Vassallo Jamrosz          


For Judy Smith, an adult masters synchro skater, meeting fellow adult synchro skaters from all different levels and skating clubs was a highlight of attending the OneTeamMVMT Synchro Camp. 

Three skaters hold on to each other while they skate with one leg extended behind them. The skaters are three young girls wearing all black.
Photo courtesy of Paul Lindquist Photography

In fact, for Smith, the entire camp experience did not disappoint.

“The opportunity to work with internationally experienced top-level coaches. It was very inspiring,” Smith said.

The Cutting Edge Figure Skating Club hosted the camp at the RecPlex Ice Arena in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, June 9-11.

“We’re always looking for different ways to bring opportunities to our skaters,” Cutting Edge Club President Stephanie Schopp said. “We have a large group of synchro skaters, and we’re in a great location with a number of synchro teams in our area.”

Aspire skaters were also invited to participate in the camp for part of the three-day event. Schopp and club vice president Jennifer Eiker felt that bringing the OneTeam experience to their skaters was a considerable accomplishment.

Established in 2016, OneTeam works to unite and empower the synchronized skating community to grow the sport worldwide.

OneTeam camps are a place where “learning and laughter” collide. Skaters meet athletes from different teams who share a passion for synchronized skating. It’s also a judgment-free zone where skaters can accept the challenge of learning new skills and improving existing ones under the guidance of international coaches.

Cutting Edge launched the camp announcement during Midwestern Sectionals with a goal of 90 skaters but ended up with nearly 140 in attendance.

“There are a lot of younger kids wanting the opportunity to attend, so the Aspire camp was just perfect. I’m glad we had ice for them. There was a lot of interest,” Schopp said. 

Two young girls goof off on the ice. One girl (left) looks like she is dancing. She has long brown hair tied back in a ponytail and is wearing all black. The other skater (right) smiles and laughs looking at her friend. She also has long brown hair in a ponytail and has glasses and braces.
Photo courtesy of Paul Lindquist Photography

Campers were divided into groups, and each day’s activities included on-ice and off-ice classes, such as field moves, yoga and dance and movement.

Skaters came from Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, South Carolina, Maryland, Missouri, Massachusets, New York and  Canada.

‘I met a lot of people and learned a lot,” Annie Treewater, a Glenview Blades pre-juvenile team member said. “My favorite thing about camp was trying things outside my comfort zone and learning from it. I learned to let loose and move my body.”

For novice-level skater Elisabeth Schopp, classes with international coaches such as Eeva Sunnari were part of her memorable camp experience. The showcase at the end of the camp was incredibly unique for all.

“All the skaters and coaches did a dance and had lots of fun with each other,” Elisabeth Schopp said. “Diversity is such a huge part of synchronized skating, whether it’s how different skaters were taught or where they’re from, but we all have one common goal, to get this amazing sport into Winter Olympics someday and to see our passion flourish.”

Seeing the skaters out there having a good time was precisely the goal of hosting a OneTeam Camp, and the camaraderie formed in those few days was unique.

“We had parents accompanying their skaters from clubs all over the country, and they just jumped in and volunteered, helping with food and set up. It was wonderful,” Schopp said.

The camp was so successful that Cutting Edge announced that the OneTeam Synchro Camp would return June 28-30, 2024.

“It was a nice offering for the entire skating community, and to reach out to other clubs and parents was so nice,” Schopp said. “ OneTeam does amazing things. We were so blessed to have them.”