Aspen skater shows her grit during rink's closure

Despite her rink closing for three months, Calla Diemer persevered and stayed determined to pass her senior free skate test the moment the rink doors reopened.

Calla Diemer, a member of the Revolutions Skating Club in Aspen, Colorado, experienced the same disappointment as countless other skaters from across the country when her rink shut down in late March because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Diemer was scheduled to take her senior free skate test and was looking forward to achieving that major milestone when the Aspen Recreation Center closed its doors for three months.

During that time, Diemer never gave up. She put roller wheels on her boots and took to parking lots and tennis courts to practice her jumping and spinning, and also to maintain stamina for the test. She trained alone and came back to the rink almost as strong as before the shutdown.

Upon the rink’s reopening, the club hosted a small test session in line with the facility’s COVID-19 guidelines. Only her parents were allowed in as spectators, masked and socially distanced.

“Calla skated a beautiful test and our judges were delighted to once again see live skating,” club official and coach Michelle Hocknell said. “She passed over by all three judges as she has done on the first attempt for all of her moves and free skate tests. 

“Calla’s hard work, determination, perseverance and love of the sport of figure skating, prevailed. As we are all striving to move forward under very strained circumstances, this skater rose above and beyond and gave us all a well-needed celebration. Congratulations to Calla and her coaching team of Debbie Minter, Christopher Darling and Peggy Behr!”