U.S. Figure Skating Brand Guidelines

U.S. Figure Skating’s Brand Guidelines are designed to create consistency by providing guidance related to the use of fonts, color palette, logo usage and more. The Brand Guidelines serve as a resource for staff, members, clubs, media and all organizational affiliates to understand how best to represent the U.S. Figure Skating brand.

U.S. Figure Skating's branding is essential to our organization's identity. The focus of our identity is to encourage, inspire and have fun.

In 2019, we updated and expanded our brand guidelines to aid in creating a more cohesive brand messaging and consistent brand identity. We built upon our existing guidelines by adding a new color palette, font, more detailed usage explanations for our array of organizational brand images and an excerpt from our style guide with most frequently used words, terms and phrases. The updated brand guidelines book is available to download.

U.S. Figure Skating logos are available upon request.

We require strict dedication to standards and guidelines to ensure that our brand maintains a consistent look and feel no matter where in the world it’s seen.

Those who have requests or questions about our brand policies may email info@usfigureskating.org or contact the appropriate staff member listed in our brand book.

Approval Requirements

Samples of all uses of our logos (whether on products or to promote services) must be submitted for approval to the Marketing and Communications Department. Please allow five working days for the staff to review the samples.

Any changes to or rearrangement of any U.S. Figure Skating logo, symbol, mark, signature or graphic element will be considered nonconforming unless first authorized in writing by U.S. Figure Skating. Approval is given on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, written approval to use any U.S. Figure Skating logo in any way other than depicted in this guide applies to that single usage only. It does NOT imply approval for similar or subsequent non-conforming applications.

For approval to use the U.S. Figure Skating logo or other brand images, contact Andrea Morrison

Request approval for a logo or brand image

Important Things to Know

  • The U.S. Figure Skating logos should be used whenever possible in their two-color version (Pantone 485 and Reflex Blue). One-color and black-and-white versions are available upon request for times when the two-color versions will not work.
  • Never use the symbol icon of the boot alone. 
  • We are U.S. Figure Skating and should be referred to as such in all references. Abbreviations USFSA and USFS are not acceptable.  
  • A minimum amount of clear space is required to surround our logo. This surrounding space must equal the height of the “US” in our horizontal logo and the height of the “SK” in our vertical logo. Referenced on page 8 of our brand book.
  • Clubs and qualifying competitions are welcome, but not required, to use the U.S. Figure Skating logo as their logo. Referenced on page 15 of our brand book.