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Pairs Rules & Resources

The technical information for pairs skating is below.

Latest Updates & Clarifications:

5/4/24 - The 2024-25 Pairs Calling Clarifications for Junior and Below has been posted. This document will replace the 2023-24 calling clarifications and becomes effect on May 21, 2024.

5/3/24 - ISU Communication #2623 - Singles and Pairs - Levels of Difficulty, Guidelines for Marking GOE and Changes and Clarifications for GOE and PCS for 2024-25 was posted. This communication will replace ISU Communication #2558. U.S. Figure Skating will announce domestic changes and the dates for implementation on June 17, following the ISU Congress.

3/1/24 - The 2024-25 Singles/Pairs - Who's Responsible for Deductions - IJS Events chart was posted.

General Information:

Technical Information:

Visit the Technical Notifications page to view all active TNs.

For the Standard Event List and Program Requirements, visit Skater Journey - Competing - Overview.  

ISU Communications and Q&As:

Technical Panel Information:

  • ISU Technical Panel Handbook for Pairs (PDF, 8/7/23)
    Note: This document has been prepared for ISU technical panels for all international events, and U.S. Figure Skating technical panels will follow it for its events. Any further ISU changes to these documents will be posted on this website.

Judges and Referees Information: