Effective Sept. 2, 2018, all U.S. Figure Skating tests (except figure tests and tests that are pass and retry only) will be marked with an evaluation scale of -3 to +3 in place of the 6.0 marks, and skaters will have the opportunity to earn honors and distinction for performing well above the passing average. It is critical that all judges, test chairs, coaches and skaters are familiar with the new rules before attending a test session that is offered on Sept. 2, 2018, or later.

This page contains information on how to find the applicable rules, a new handbook for judges and links to educational videos, as well as links to the test forms, answers to frequently asked questions and an overview of the changes when they were approved in May 2017. If you have additional questions, please email memberservices@usfigureskating.org.


Test Rules that are valid beginning Sept. 2, 2018, can be found in the 2018-19 U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook as follows:

  • Rules for holding test sessions, page 159
  • Rules for moves in the field tests, page 167
  • Rules for singles free skate tests, page 178
  • Rules for pairs tests, page 217
  • Rules for pattern dance tests, page 254
  • Rules for free dance tests, page 261

Handbook and Educational Videos

Skater Checklist

Test Forms


Questions and Answers

The Professional Skaters Association hosted a webinar on Monday, November 14. Below, please find questions and answers from that conference call.

Background Information

U.S. Figure Skating passed the Test Refresh project at the 2017 Governing Council meeting. The project phases in the following:

  • As of Nov. 1, 2017: Updating of Free Skate tests to align with well-balanced program competition rules
  • As of Nov. 1, 2017: IJS protocol from nonqualifying competition for test credit in juvenile-senior free skate, adult gold free skate, juvenile-senior pairs and juvenile-senior partnered free dance
    Click here for details on the procedure for athletes, coaches, test chairs and competition chairs.
  • As of Sept. 2, 2018: Updating the marking system from 6.0 to a scale of -3 to +3
  • As of Sept. 2, 2018: Allowing athletes to earn "pass with honors" and "pass with distinction" in tests

Click here for additional information.