Tarah Kayne and Danny O'Shea Relocating to Colorado Springs

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(9/7/18) - 2016 U.S. champions Tarah Kayne and Danny O’Shea will move to Colorado Springs, Colorado and train under Dalilah Sappenfield, the pair announced on Friday.

Kayne and O’Shea had previously trained under Jim Peterson and Amanda Evora in Ellenton, Florida.

“We are so appreciative to Jim and Amanda for everything that they’ve done for us,” O’Shea said. “At this time, we think it’s best for us to be located in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center.”

Kayne, who has battled a knee injury for the past year, will be able to continue to receive treatment at the Olympic Training Center (OTC).

“I’ve been pleased with the treatment I have received at the Olympic Training Center and I am looking forward to being closer (to the OTC),” Kayne said. “We’re excited for this next step in our journey.”

“I am excited to welcome Tarah and Danny into my program and to watch their work ethic pay dividends not only for themselves, but also my other teams that they will train alongside every day,” Sappenfield said. “I would like to commend Jim Peterson for not only entrusting me to guide them on their journey, but also having a hands-on role in this transition. I have great respect for him and we both agree that this is the correct move for the team. This is an example of the U.S. pairs community working together to put our collective best foot forward and I’m looking forward to beginning the process with Tarah and Danny."

The pair had trained with Peterson for the last seven years.

“I completely support this decision for Tarah and Danny,” Peterson said. “The Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs provides the best support system for Tarah’s recovery. A healthy and strong Tarah is a healthy and strong pairs team and that’s what is best for the United States. I’m excited to see Tarah and Danny back out on the ice competing at full strength.”

Last season, the duo finished as silver medalists at the U.S. Championships and won the Four Continents Championships title.