Manager, Figure Skating Programs
Karissa Woienski

Icemen Program

Registration is now open for the 2019 Icemen program! Click here to complete your registration.

All male athletes are invited to participate in a network comprised of male figure skaters. This program provides a social network of male figure skaters around the country, and provides opportunities for athletes to connect with their peers and role models.

About the Icemen Program

The Icemen Programs focus on bringing boys and male skaters into the sport of figure skating… and keeping them there!

“Through the Icemen Programs, the Program Development Committee is working to retain the boys and male figure skaters in the sport currently, while generating excitement among them so they will continuously go out  and tell their friends all about it and even bring them to the rink,” said Elise Preston, U.S. Figure Skating’s Program Development Committee Chair.

The program, open only to male figure skaters, was developed specifically by U.S. Figure Skating’s Program Development Committee to help unify male members in the sport through a sense of peer support and networking opportunities, while also lending these skaters the encouragement to continue their involvement in figure skating. The program first started in 2012.

The program will run from February to September 2019.