Technical Notifications/Alerts


(9/1/17) - Alert for Test Chairs - Qualifications to Judge Pairs Tests (PDF)

(7/6/17) - Alert for Technical Panel Officials - Procedure for Assigning Step Sequence Features (PDF)

(7/9/15) - Alert for Test Chairs - Requirement to Include All Judges' Test Results for Each Reported Test (PDF)

Technical Notifications

Formal communications coming out of the Technical Group will be announced using a Technical Notification Document. This will be applied to the following types of communications:
    1. Clarifications to ISU Communications where the chair has made the determination that the U.S. Figure Skating community should be made aware of the content of the information. This will be done in order to provide clarity and/or further explanation.

    2. Errors or clarifications to existing U.S. Figure Skating rules that are deemed to be urgent by the chair of the respective committee. This will include as attachments both tables & charts that are updated annually to reflect program requirements.

Technical Notifications will be issued Thursdays by 5 p.m. MST and will take effect the Monday of the following week, unless otherwise expressly stated. Technical Notifications that are no longer active as of Sept. 1 can be found by clicking on the light blue "Archive" tab to the left.

Information from technical notifications that have been archived can be found in the U.S. Figure Skating Rulebook or in the Calling Clarifications for Novice and Below events.