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Ice Dance Rules & Resources

Below is technical information for the ice dance discipline. 

Latest Updates & Clarifications:

10/31/23 - An updated version of the Skaters' Choice Adult Partnered and Solo Pattern Dance Timing Chart has been posted. 

10/3/23 - An updated version of ISU Communication #2569 (dated 9/27/23) was posted. Updates on are on pages 21 and 22.

9/5/23 - The 2023-24 Technical Panel Handbook for Ice Dance was posted. 

8/10/23 - ISU Communications 2560 and 2569 were updated along with the two ice dance deduction charts for IJS events, the marking guide for GOEs for ice dance, and the program component chart for pattern dance.

7/31/23 - The judging reminders for ice dance were updated.

7/13/23 - The key points for the intermediate pattern dance Rocker Foxtrot have been updated.

7/13/23 - The Skaters' Choice Pattern Dance Timing Chart for Pre-Juvenile through Novice was updated to remove references to a season. No timing information was changed.

7/1/23 - ISU Communication #2569 - Ice Dance - Calling Specifications and Marking Guides - was posted. (The corresponding documents for GOEs and Program Components will be split out following the July 4 holiday.)

General Information:

Series Information:

The decision was made to cancel the 2021 National Qualifying Series (NQS). For details, click here

Technical Information:

Visit the Technical Notifications page to view all active TNs.

For the Standard Event List and Program Requirements, visit Skater Journey - Competing - Overview

ISU Communications and Q&As:

Technical Panel Information:

  • ISU Technical Panel Handbook - Ice Dance (PDF, 9/5/23)
    Note: This document has been prepared for ISU technical panels for all international events, and U.S. Figure Skating technical panels will follow it for its events. Any further ISU changes to these documents will be posted on this web site.

Judges and Referees Information:


Pattern Dance Music Downloads:

Note: U.S. Figure Skating does not currently have music for the Finnstep, Midnight Blues or Tea-Time Foxtrot. Music may be available for purchase from the ISU.