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Collegiate Skating Rules & Resources

Below is technical information for collegiate skating.

Renewal/Application Information 

General Rules & Requirements 

2023-2024 Intercollegiate Handbook

Program Requirement Charts

Please be sure you are looking at the charts specific to the 2023-2024 Intercollegiate Season. Intercollegiate Requirements are modified from standard requirements. 

Intercollegiate Short Program Requirements

Intercollegiate Excel Free Skate Requirements

Intercollegiate Championship Free Skate Requirements

Intercollegiate Solo Pattern Dance Requirements

Intercollegiate Solo Free Dance Requirements

Intercollegiate Team Maneuvers Requirements


Intercollegiate Competition Registration

Aside from having a current collegiate club and intercollegiate team, teams are required to fill out 1 payment form and 1 entry form per team to register for intercollegiate competition series competitions. To learn more about the intercollegiate competition series and competition schedule, please visit the Series Info page. 

Helpful Guides and Resources

Technical Information