Adult Gold Ladies II, III

12Kimberlee Hyp, Vegas Golden Knights Center of Excellence29.48
23Shannon Norris, Salt Lake Figure Skating27.55
34Diane Wing, FSC of Southern California23.29
WD Lauren Day, Los Angeles FSC 
WD Withdrawn
Judge 1Kim Buchanan, Hillsboro, OR
Judge 2Lisa Erle, Dublin, CA
Judge 3Elaine Ettman, Sunnyvale, CA
Judge 4Lisa Hernand, Ripon, CA
Judge 5Denise Leto, San Jose, CA
RefereeSheren Chiang, San Mateo, CA
Technical ControllerWilliam Rowe, San Bruno, CA
Technical SpecialistMichelle Ray, Folsom, CA
Assistant Technical SpecialistOuida Robins, Pasadena, CA

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