Adult Teams

17Crystallettes (AT), Dearborn FSC68.21
213Esprit de Corps (AT), Hayden Recreation Centre FSC67.30
32DC EDGE (AT), Washington FSC62.61
44The Colonials (AT), Colonial FSC59.13
512Team Excel (AT), SC of Boston58.87
610Allegro! (AT), Individual Member58.61
711Starlights (AT), Skokie Valley SC55.99
85Team Image SST (AT), Yonkers FSC51.02
98Denver Synchronicity (AT), Denver FSC47.64
101United Ice (AT), Cleveland Ice Storm45.27
119Tremors of San Francisco (AT), SC of San Francisco42.93
123Leather And Laces (AT), Individual Member42.85
136California Gold (AT), All Year FSC42.49
Judge 1Rebecca Finder, Indianapolis, IN
Judge 2Tiffani Shipley, Salt Lake Cty, UT
Judge 3Ann Fauver, Gorham, ME
Judge 4Gale Tanger, Wauwatosa, WI
Judge 5Lois Long, Renton, WA
Judge 6Laura Days, West Roxbury, MA
Judge 7Sharon Watson, Los Angeles, CA
Judge 8Dann Krueger, Minneapolis, MN
Judge 9Lauren O'Toole, New York, NY
RefereeWendy Enzmann, Stow, MA
Technical ControllerSusan McInnes, Cleveland Heights, OH
Technical SpecialistMegan Walsh Jackson, Sudbury, MA
Assistant Technical SpecialistAudrey Kamm, Metamora, IL
Ice Level RefereeJeanette Davey, La Mesa, CA

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