Intermediate Ladies

115Maliah Utley, North Jersey FSC44.19
218Isabeau Levito, SC Of Southern New Jersey42.85
314Lindsay Thorngren, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC42.78
413Olivia Massey, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC38.22
56Sue Zhang, Great Neck FSC37.05
619Madelyn Petscher, Buffalo SC34.76
716Gwen Bloesch, SC Of Southern New Jersey34.21
81Gabrielle Brandt, SC of New York30.75
99Ania Ting, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC30.13
1010Lillie Nye, SC of New York28.73
1120Lindsey Byer, Jersey Coast FSC28.71
123Anita Ong, SC of New York28.70
1317Katherina Frantz, SC Of Southern New Jersey28.69
147Ava Min, SC of Brewster27.52
152Madeline Ortiz, SC of New York27.45
1612Kaitlin OBrien, Rye FSC27.21
175Brenna Coonradt, SC of New York26.11
1811Jillian Falletta, North Jersey FSC26.06
194Mya Milanese, SC Of Southern New Jersey22.25
208Rachel Akinla, SC of Brewster21.17
Judge 1Nicholas Bond, Burlington, VT
Judge 2Thomas Sobell, Wellesley, MA
Judge 3Linda Bacon, Becket, MA
Judge 4Samantha Friedeman, Howell, NJ
Judge 5Sharon Hyre, Atlanta, GA
Judge 6Lori Malthaner, Fayetteville, GA
Judge 7Deanna Tomietto, Ontario, ON
RefereeHeather Nemier, Ashburn, VA
Technical ControllerLori Dunn, Cape Coral, FL
Technical SpecialistJanet Ford, Holly Springs, NC
Assistant Technical SpecialistSteven Belanger, Lake Worth, FL

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