Novice Ladies

112Laura Jacobson, SC of New York48.17
29Emily Zhang, SC of New York46.16
310Sophia Tsintsadze, SC of New York42.15
43Mayou Hayashi, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC40.37
511Tiffany Pennella, SC of New York37.66
64Ashley Leahy, SC of New York35.84
78Tess McGuinness, Jersey Coast FSC35.61
81Chloe Peng, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC34.07
92Angie Chen, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC30.99
105Therese Marie Sparacio, SC of New York30.89
116Victoria Snyder, SC of New York28.72
127Riley Stein, SC of New York27.55
Judge 1Dana Schiff, New York, NY
Judge 2Cynthia Flynn, Churchville, NY
Judge 3Thomas Sobell, Wellesley, MA
Judge 4Leslie Gianelli, Wallingford, CT
Judge 5Kim Cool
Judge 6Lori Dunn, Cape Coral, FL
Judge 7Lori Malthaner, Fayetteville, GA
RefereeLauren O'Toole, New York, NY
Technical ControllerLorrie Parker, Morristown, NJ
Technical SpecialistNatalya Ponomareva, Center Valley, PA
Assistant Technical SpecialistJanet Ford, Holly Springs, NC

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