Novice Ladies QR Group A

17Tiffany Pennella, SC of New York80.16
210Sophia Tsintsadze, SC of New York67.60
315Mayou Hayashi, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC64.39
41Angie Chen, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC60.95
59Riley Stein, SC of New York56.60
614Theresa Miller, SC Of Southern New Jersey49.12
74Adare Condon, SC of New York47.53
816Isabella Massa, Ice House Of New Jersey FSC47.43
98Georgina Blackwell, SC of New York46.75
1018Summer Kaminski, North Jersey FSC46.48
112Neila Kalipersad, SC of New York43.26
123Sojie Insinger, SC of Brewster43.19
135Anna Faulkner, SC of New York42.74
1417Juliana Martilotto, SC of New York41.96
1511Montana Mason, Individual Member40.26
1613Eden Reznik, Great Neck FSC38.93
1712Zoey Desmond, SC of Western New York37.42
WD Alicia Ruggiero, SC of New York 
WD Withdrawn
Judge 1Arthur Bahr, Somerville, MA
Judge 2Theresa Fischer, Pound Ridge, NY
Judge 3Samantha Friedeman, Howell, NJ
Judge 4Connacht Peterson, Hingham, MA
Judge 5Ilana Prusock, New York, NY
Judge 6Dana Schiff, New York, NY
Judge 7Thomas Sobell, Wellesley, MA
RefereeHeather Nemier, Ashburn, VA
Technical ControllerLucy Brennan, New York, NY
Technical SpecialistDenise Williamson, Davidson, NC
Assistant Technical SpecialistMatthew Lind, Haverhill, MA

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