Intermediate Ladies QR Group E

112Indi Cha, SC of Boston78.29
23Juliana Bent, Colonial FSC51.09
310Kayleigh Stevens, Colonial FSC46.95
413Elaria Tedeschi, Colonial FSC43.70
57Paige Felton, Colonial FSC42.46
614Lily Hunter, SC of Boston42.31
76Grace Rade, North Star FSC41.75
84Alexis Boulanger, SC of Boston39.91
92Jordan Talty, North Shore SC37.47
108Jenelle Miller, Connecticut Skating Academy32.07
115RyAnn Spencer, Pawtucket & Providence FSC29.59
121Elise Descheneaux, North Star FSC29.40
139Maggie Fitzgerald, Gate City FSC26.26
WD Julia Trzeciak, Connecticut Skating Academy 
WD Withdrawn
Judge 1Wendy Enzmann, Stow, MA
Judge 2Jacki Crugnola, Cumberland, RI
Judge 3Tom Richardson, Cleveland, OH
Judge 4Jessica Bussgang, Wellesley, MA
Judge 6Rebecca Nagle, Gloucester, MA
Judge 7Tanya Bass, Sewickley, PA
RefereeGregory Cannon, Lake Worth, FL
Technical ControllerAlexander Enzmann, Stow, MA
Technical SpecialistSteven Belanger, West Palm Bch, FL
Assistant Technical SpecialistKristine Bingham, Westport, CT

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