Novice Ladies QR Group B

12Starr Andrews, All Year FSC78.48
29Samantha Appleton-Sackett, All Year FSC72.50
310Rebecca Beerstein, All Year FSC59.04
412Lauren Russell, Coyotes SC of Arizona55.03
54Elizabeth Park, All Year FSC53.97
66Kana Okafuji, Los Angeles FSC51.31
711Chelsey Wang, Los Angeles FSC50.66
81Michelle Kuwahara, Glacier Falls FSC48.75
93Lovina Hermez, Coyotes SC of Arizona43.97
105Kristina Kelm, Coyotes SC of Arizona41.71
118Victoria Gorman, North County FSC38.84
127Natalie Oganesyan, Los Angeles FSC36.39
WD Sabrina Cobarrubio, Los Angeles FSC 
WD Withdrawn
Judge 1Naomi Grabow-Strebel, Running Spgs, CA
Judge 2Carylyn Landt, Alpine, CA
Judge 3Doug Williams, Los Angeles, CA
Judge 4Mary Lou Rothman, Cypress, CA
Judge 5Steve Winkler, Palm Springs, CA
Judge 6Lisa Erle, Dublin, CA
RefereeRichard Perez, Mountain View, CA
Technical ControllerJanis Engel, Castaic, CA
Technical SpecialistMaria Montes, San Jose, CA
Assistant Technical SpecialistAnn Barr, Livonia, MI

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