Frequently Asked Questions

Members Only Site

Q: I tried to transfer someone online and it didn't work. What am I doing wrong?
A: If a person was a member of a different club for the last season and is now joining your club, you use the transfer button to bring in his/her personal information. Once the transfer is complete, you can then renew the member for the current season. If a member is already current but wishes to switch to your club for the rest of the season, a change of home club notice (PDF) must be filled out and sent into Headquarters. This cannot be done online.

Q: Who has access to the members only site?
A: All members of U.S. Figure skating (excluding Friends of Figure Skating) should have access to the site. If a member does not have access they should contact .

SKATING Magazine

Q: I am a registered member of U.S. Figure Skating. Why am I not getting the magazine?
A: Only the first family member in a household receives the magazine. U.S. Figure Skating requires that one skater in each household be registered as a first family member, and all other skaters in the same household can register as subsequent members. Subsequent members and Basic Skills members do not receive a magazine with their membership.

Q: I changed my mailing address, but my magazine was still sent to my previous address. Why?
A: SKATING magazine labels are printed several weeks before the issue is mailed. Please get your address changes in as soon as possible.


Q: When can a club declare a member not in good standing?
A: A club can submit this information to at any time during the year. Only the home club can declare a skater not in good standing and only for outstanding financial obligations. The member's record will be flagged until the financial matter has been resolved.

Q: How do I form a club?
A: All the information you need to form a club can be found on the Club Forms page, including manuals and guides.


Q: When is a sanction needed?
A: The three main requirements for sanctioning are 1) admission is charged; 2) the event is advertised; and 3) the public is invited to attend. If any or all of these apply, you need a sanction. There are certainly other criteria that may affect the need for a sanction, and you should check the U.S. Figure Skating rulebook.