Information for Clubs

Coaches eligibility at competitions, events and test sessions

In keeping with the standards of many youth sports organizations, schools and recreational programs in America today, U.S. Figure Skating has implemented coaching requirements, background screening and continuing education requirements to help ensure that we are providing a safe environment and protecting the welfare of all participants in U.S. Figure Skating-sanctioned activities. This will help give parents the highest degree of confidence that their children are not only receiving good care and proper instruction but are safe from improper conduct.

There are various requirements that all coaches must complete prior to being eligible to coach at U.S. Figure Skating-sanctioned events. It is the responsibility of the club to verify the compliance of all coaches. A coaching compliance toolkit has been created to aid clubs in enforcing the coaching requirements. The toolkit can be found in the Resource Box above.


Verification of Compliance

A Compliance Report can be found by logging onto Members Only. Once on Members Only, this report is available to all members by clicking on the SafeSport icon, and then the hyperlink, “Download Full Compliance Report.” Club officers can also find it by using the “Club Compliance” tab under Club Management. This searchable .pdf file will show all coaches’ compliance status as Complete or Not Complete.
In addition, all coaches will be able to access a digital compliance card by logging into Members Only on their mobile device at any point. If they are not on the compliance report, they may show this card on their device.

*If a coach does not meet the requirements in time for the event or test session, the club must inform the coach of his or her ineligibility and ask him or her to leave all coaches areas of the event or test session.*