U.S. Synchronized Skating Team

Team USA is defined as those synchronized skating teams who are selected by the Synchronized Management Subcommittee to represent the United States at ISU events including International Synchronized Skating Competitions, the World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships and the World Synchronized Skating Championships.

In addition, Team USA consists of the teams' named coaches, judges, team leaders and medical personnel selected to represent the United States at the competitions named above.
While attending international assignments, team members are recognized as ambassadors of U.S. Figure Skating and for the United States of America. Not only is it an honor to be selected, but it is also an opportunity for team members to gain valuable experiences on an international stage.

Assignments to international competitions can be found on the International Assignments & Results page.

International Selection Pool

The International Selection Pool (ISP) for synchronized skating is a pool of synchronized skating teams determined by the Synchronized Management Subcommittee (SMS), that are eligible to be selected for an international competition. Teams may be added to or removed from the ISP throughout the 2019-20 season. Being named to the ISP does not guarantee a spot on Team USA.

2019-2020 International Selection Pool
Adrian College Varsity SST
Miami University Senior Varsity SST

Fond du Lac Blades
Team Image
Teams Elite
Synchronized Team Envelope

The Synchronized Team Envelope is a program to award funding and privileges based on results of the most recently completed competition season. It is based on approved criteria and results. Most recent criteria and assignments are in the resource box. Assignment to the Synchronized Team Envelope does not guarantee placement in the ISP or a spot on Team USA.

Funding and Competition Readiness

Teams named to the ISP and/or Synchronized Team Envelope must complete Competition Readiness requirements. These requirements include a strategic training plan for the season, a competition plan, a fitness training plan, and monitoring by international officials to ensure that the team is prepared to perform at an acceptable level at an international competition.

All teams in the ISP have an opportunity to earn additional development funding throughout the season by submitting a detailed strategic training plan and request to U.S. Figure Skating.