Welcome to the U.S. Figure Skating Athlete Funding page. Here you will find valuable information regarding the funding and financial aid opportunities that are available to athletes through U.S. Figure Skating, the USOC, the ISU and various other sources. Please direct all questions to the appropriate contact, as shown on the right side of the page.


The U.S. Figure Skating Athlete Support (ASUPP) Fund financially supports the U.S. Team envelope A, B and C athletes by assisting them with their skating expenses. Members are selected by the International Committee Management Subcommittee and will be notified of their nomination. (Team envelopes are determined based on specific criteria at the beginning of each new season.) Depending on their envelope, athletes will receive various funds throughout the season including ASUPP funds, Performance Enhancement and Tracking funds and podium bonus funds.

Prize Money
Depending on the international event, athletes who medal at the following events will receive podium prize money:
  • All Junior Grand Prix events
  • All Grand Prix events
  • Junior Grand Prix Final and Grand Prix Final
  • Four Continents Championships
  • World Junior Championships
  • World Championships

For more information about podium prize money, please visit the International Skating Union website.


Memorial Fund
The Memorial fund supports three financial aid programs: the Competitive Skaters Assistance Program (CSAP), the Academic Scholarship Program (ASP) and the RISE Youth Essay Contest.

CSAP program awards are intended to subsidize training expenses of competitive singles, pairs, and ice dancing skaters. Awards are based on financial need and competitive history.

ASP scholarships are intended help defray the costs of higher education for current and former skaters in the singles, pairs, ice dancing, or synchronized disciplines. Awards are based on financial need, academic performance and continuing participation in the sport of figure skating. Between them, the CSAP and ASP award an average of $350,000 annually.

The RISE Youth Essay Contest provides younger skaters with the opportunity to connect with figure skating's history and share their personal reflections on the movie RISE. The film celebrates the history of American figure skating and documents the impact that the 1961 World Team had on both the sport and skaters who came after them. The contest is open to skaters competing at the pre-preliminary, preliminary, pre-juvenile, and juvenile levels. For more information or to apply for these programs, click on the "Memorial Fund" tab to the left.

Scholastic Honors Team
The Scholastic Honors Team recognizes high school-age U.S. Figure Skating members who have distinguished themselves in figure skating, high school academics and extracurricular and community activities. Team members will receive a scholarshi, a team jacket and U.S. Figure Skating will make a donation in his or her name to a charity of choice. For more information or to apply to the Scholastic Honors Team, click the "Scholastic Honors Team" tab to the left.


Joyce Komperda Athlete Support Fund
The Joyce Komperda Athlete Support Fund provides funds to intermediate, novice and junior level athletes who demonstrate a love of figure skating and financial need. To learn more, click the "Joyce Komperda Athlete Support Fund" tab to the left.

The Buch Family Academic Scholarship
The newest academic scholarship offered through U.S. Figure Skating, The Buch Family Academic Scholarship was established in 2013 to honor the memories of Ilse, Fredric and Peter Buch. Available to single, pairs or ice dance skaters at the novice-senior level, applicants must demonstrate financial need, be enrolled (or intend to enroll within 6 months of graduation) in a full-time undergraduate or graduate program, maintain a 3.4 GPA and have competed in a U.S. Figure Skating qualifying competition during the past two competitive seasons (or equivalent). To learn more, click the "Buch Family Academic Scholarship Award" tab to the left.


Helen M. McLoraine Figure Skating Scholarship Program
The Helen M. McLoraine Figure Skating Scholarship Program assists current and former amateur and professional figure skaters wishing to pursue a college education. Scholarships are offered each year for full-time undergraduate study at an accredited institution of the student's choice. More than $200,000 in scholarships are awarded annually. This program is not administered by U.S. Figure Skating. For more information about the Helen M. McLoraine Figure Skating Scholarship Program, visit


Beginners Information
Athletes and parents seeking financial assistance early in their careers should explore their local skating clubs, schools, community organizations, or support system. Examples of funding sources include:


  • Skating Clubs: clubs often budget money to assist skaters in need.
  • Service Clubs: Organizations within your community may have scholarship or sponsorship funds available to young people. Common examples are the Kiwanis Club, Lions Club, Rotary, Knights of Columbus, or your church or school.
  • Community Fundraising: Create a fundraising campaign including bake sales or car washes to help raise money for training.