U.S. Figure Skating Logo

The modern U.S. Figure Skating logo was adopted at the 2003 Governing Council. The logo provides one consistent look for all U.S. Figure Skating programs and activities, from Basic Skills to synchronized skating and promotes U.S. Figure Skating, its rules and regulations. Every time you use this logo you are helping to create awareness and build important equity in the U.S. Figure Skating brand. And the more powerful our brand is, the more likely someone will be to lace up a pair of skates with us, attend a U.S. Figure Skating event, or watch one of our events on television.


With the adoption of this logo, U.S. Figure Skating created an official graphics standards manual to assist you in using the logo correctly. The manual explains the components of the U.S. Figure Skating visual identity program and contains the standards for usage for all U.S. Figure Skating communications including logo placement, colors, typography, placement of visuals and style. All U.S. Figure Skating clubs should have a manual along with a CD providing many versions of the U.S. Figure Skating logos, plus U.S. Figure Skating logos for synchronized skating and the Basic Skills program.

We have provided our standard versions of the logo on this page for downloading in both EPS and low resolution JPEG format (for web use only). For other versions of the logo, contact the U.S. Figure Skating Sponsorship and Communications Department.

Also available for download in the external resources at right is the generic nonqualifying event program advertisement. U.S. Figure Skating encourages clubs to use this ad in all nonqualifying event programs.

Approval Requirements
Samples of all uses of our logos (whether on products or to promote services) must be submitted for approval to the Sponsorship and Communications Department. Please allow five working days for the staff to review the samples.


Any changes to or rearrangement of any U.S. Figure Skating logo, symbol, mark, signature or graphic element will be considered nonconforming unless first authorized in writing by U.S. Figure Skating. Approval is given on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, written approval to use any U.S. Figure Skating logo in any way other than depicted in this guide applies to that single usage only. It does NOT imply approval for similar or subsequent non-conforming applications.

Contact Kim Saavedra in the Marketing and Communications Department at U.S. Figure Skating Headquarters (719.635.5200) with questions and to gain approval for all applications of the logo. You can also contact Kim by e-mail at ksaavedra@usfigureskating.org

The Top Nine Things You Need to Know!
  • The primary logo (horizontal version) should be used whenever possible in its two-color version (Pantone 485 and Reflex Blue). One-color and black-and-white versions are available for times when the two-color version will not work. This applies to program logos as well.

  • The secondary logo (vertical version) can be used on merchandise or in instances when the horizontal logo does not fit. The two-color version again is preferred, but one-color and black-and-white versions are available. This applies to program logos as well.

  • Never use the symbol icon of the boot alone.

  • We are U.S. Figure Skating and should be referred to as such in all references. Abbreviations USFSA and USFS are not acceptable.

  • A legal disclaimer must be included on all U.S. Figure Skating marketing materials, including advertising, collateral, direct mail, data sheets, brochures, web sites, PowerPoint and CD-ROM presentations.

  • A minimum amount of clear space is required to surround the logo. This border must be 1/3 x, where x equals the width of the logo.

  • Clubs and qualifying competitions are welcome, but not required, to use the U.S. Figure Skating logo as their logo. To receive a customized logo, contact the Sponsorship and Communications Department.

  • All qualifying events sanctioned by U.S. Figure Skating must place a full-page ad provided by U.S. Figure Skating in the official event program. Clubs are encouraged to place a generic ad in their nonqualifying event programs. A generic ad is provided on the CD for nonqualifying events. Qualifying events will receive a customized ad from U.S. Figure Skating Headquarters.

  • Logos for use on web sites are provided in a JPEG format and at a lower resolution (72 dpi) as required by the Internet. These versions of the logo must not be used for any other purpose.
  • Historic U.S. Figure Skating Logo

    This historic logo has been used by U.S. Figure Skating to help promote U.S. Figure Skating, its rules and regulations. Any proposed usage of this logo must receive prior written permission from U.S. Figure Skating's Marketing and Communication department.