Special Olympics/Adaptive Skating

Ice skating can be fun and beneficial for both individuals with and without disabilities. It is suggested that ice skating
can positively impact social skills, physical strength and balance, and improve mood for individuals with various
disabilities. Ice skating can be a fun means of physical activity and exercise for any one of any ability.

Skaters with a wide range of abilities have enjoyed learning to ice skate. Ice skating can offer therapeutic benefits
and most importantly it is fun for everyone. Ice skating is a great way to meet friends and gain a sense of
achievement. The skills that are learned on the ice can also transcend into other areas of life thus improving our
quality of life. In ice skating just as in life skaters with disabilities learn to fall, never give up, and get back up to
accomplish their dreams.

Benefits of Recreation
  • Fitness-cardiovascular conditioning
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Socialization
  • Self-esteem

Since ice skating is an individual sport, skaters can progress at their own rate according to their ability but it is also a social sport that involves a fun learning environment. Finally, skating can be a life-long activity, done individually or with family and friends.

Additionally volunteers and coaches with programs for individuals with various disabilities consistently report feeling a high level of satisfaction from helping skaters with disabilities and sharing their passion for ice skating!

Try skating ... Come and join the fun!

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