Interclub Councils and Associations

What is an interclub?
An interclub council or association is an organization made up of three or more U.S. Figure Skating full member clubs in a specified region or area. Interclubs are governed by a board of directors and officers made up from representatives of the member clubs they serve. They provide a variety of services, programs and benefits, such as managing test session calendars, hosting large events, purchasing and sharing equipment, hosting educational seminars, and serving as a resource. Each interclub holds an annual election and has a member-approved set of bylaws under which authority it operates. U.S. Figure Skating has 28 organized interclub councils across the country.

Interclub Councils and Associations

Association of Philadelphia Area FSC
  • Serving 23 Philadelphia-area member clubs 110 miles from city hall

The purpose of the association is to advance amateur figure skating on ice and all its forms, and to govern the conduct of the annual Philadelphia Area Figure Skating Championships. The organization meets 1-2 times a year. The association is planning to expand its activity with its member clubs by exploring the ideas of creating a Basic Skills series of competitions, providing scholarships to member clubs and creating a website.

Capital Regional Council of FSC
  • Serving all member clubs in Maryland, District of Columbia and Virginia

The council was established in 1975 to promote amateur figure skating activities such as tests, competitions, exhibitions and shows, seminars, and judges training and development. It coordinates these activities among its member clubs and serves as a medium for exchanging views and information concerning figure skating. Since its inception, the council has conducted more than 50 U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned competitions, including several South Atlantic Regional and Eastern Sectional championships as well as two nonqualifying competitions each year, the CRC Figure Skating Competition in March and the Cherry Blossom Invitational in April.

Central California Interclub Association
  • CCIA serves 10 full member clubs from the Greater Northern California Bay Area and six associate clubs from surrounding areas.

Provide a forum to discuss issues common to the member clubs and the area's skaters and, thus, facilitating solutions that best promote skating in the area. This purpose is accomplished through:
  • Coordinating a calendar for nonqualifying competitions and other skating events
  • Establishment of a Judges Bureau - maintains a testing calendar listing dates of tests, contact person and the tests to be judged. This information is disseminated to all judges, trial judges and test chairpersons. In addition, the Judges Bureau chair is responsible for seeking the availability and assigning outside-of-club judge(s) to each test session.
  • Providing opportunities for training of officials
  • Co-hosting an annual nonqualifying competition
  • Purchased both a music system and an IJS communication system. These are rented out to the member clubs for a nominal fee. The fee is designed to cover maintenance and expansion for each of the systems.

Detroit Metro Skating Council
  • Serving 20-25 member clubs

The Detroit Metro Council (DMC) meets from September through June of each year, with the summer off. Meetings are normally held on the first Monday of each month. The DMC has hosted several major competitions, including two U.S. Skating Synchronized Competitions since 1999. All member clubs volunteer at these events and profit financially by their hours of involvement. The council also promotes educational opportunities by hosting accounting schools, moves-in-the-field schools, judges schools, etc. The DMC purchased the IJS mini system several years ago and rents out the equipment to those member clubs that are hosting IJS competitions.

Florida Interclub Skating Council

President - Maureen Dalton
Vice President - Mark Ladwig
Secretary - Danielle Larson
Strategic Planning - Scott Cudmore


1. Serve all clubs in the State of Florida
2. Encourage the instruction and advancement of skaters of all disciplines of figure skating in the State
3. Create a new website
4. Coordinate a calendar for competitions, testing sessions, and other skating events
5. Hosting an annual championships
6. Have the organization bid on projects beyond the ability of a single club
7. Purchase of the IJS System

Greater Cleveland Council FSC
  • Serving 16 full member clubs in the Greater Cleveland area

Objectives of the Greater Cleveland Council of Figure Skating Clubs
    1. To encourage the instruction and advancement of skaters of all disciplines of figure skating in the Greater Cleveland area
    2. To foster figure skating on ice. In order to do so, the council has been organized to exist as an interclub association of U.S. Figure Skating and, therefore, seeks to assist in carrying out the objectives and purposes of U.S. Figure Skating in accordance with the provisions of the U.S. Figure Skating Bylaws and official rules. The council shall maintain its status as an interclub association in U.S. Figure Skating and conduct its affairs in a manner consistent with the bylaws, official rules, policies and procedures of U.S. Figure Skating.
    3. To foster inter-club cooperation in tests, competitions, exhibitions and carnivals of an inter-club nature in events not in conflict with U.S. Figure Skating activities or objectives and, specifically, to determine the location and responsibility for the Cleveland Invitational Competition and other competitions on a year-to-year basis
    4. To encourage inter-club activities and require any member club planning to bid for or host a competition (i) to be held under the auspices of the Greater Cleveland Council of Figure Skating Clubs or (ii) to reference or list the Greater Cleveland Council of Figure Skating Clubs as a previous host, first shall obtain the approval of the Greater Cleveland Council of Figure Skating Clubs
    5. To provide a source of aid and experience to member clubs which are affiliated with or are seeking affiliation with the U.S. Figure Skating and to provide advice and guidance when requested by officers or directors of such clubs
    6. To provide a source of assistance, guidance and aid to any member club upon request of an officer or at least two directors of a member club submitted in writing to the secretary of council
    7. To assist and/or contract with other entities to encourage growth of all disciplines of figure skating in Greater Cleveland and/or the United States
    8. To bid for and host and/or cooperate with other entities and/or to contract with, sponsor, foster and/or encourage regional, sectional, national and nonqualifying events that benefit figure skating in Greater Cleveland and/or the United States
    9. To create and/or maintain programs that benefits figure skating in Greater Cleveland and/or the United States

Skating Council of Illinois
  • Serving all clubs in Illinois

The Skating Council of Illinois council works to sponsor competitions for the benefit of all of our members, such as an Illinois Grand Prix, and hosts an annual synchronized skating competition. Working on coordinating test sessions.

Indiana Council of FSC

Intermountain Interclub Association
  • Serving 10 member clubs in Utah and includes Wyoming, Idaho and Montana

The association maintains a calendar of all the clubs activities, including at least two test sessions per month, ice shows, exhibitions, competitions, etc. The interclub hosts many different educational seminars for member clubs, judges/officials, coaches and special focus for skater development.

Iowa Council of FSC

Long Island Figure Skating Interclub

  • The purpose of the interclub is to unite the three U.S. Figure Skating clubs in Long Island for hosting special events, a website and future competitions.

    Contact Cindy Zubli at for more information

Maine Interclub FS Council

Mid-America FSA


  • Serving three clubs: Tulsa FSC, Oklahoma City FSC and Diamond Edge (Little Rock, Ark.)

Mid-West Figure Skating Council
  • Serving the Mid-West figure skating clubs

The purpose of the Mid-West Figure Skating Council is to encourage and advance figure skating for the areas served by the council by providing a forum for the exchange of information among member clubs and cultivating a spirit of fraternal feeling among the members. Cooperative activities include but are not limited to the holding of competitions, tests, exhibitions, judges schools and other figure skating activities.

Mile High Figure Skating Association
  • Serving all full member clubs in Colorado

Mile High hosts an in-person meeting for representatives of member clubs, major competitions and events, and manages a combined calendar of all test sessions and nonqualifying competitions in the area.

New England Interclub Council

New Jersey Council of FSC
  • Serving 12 member clubs in New Jersey

New York Regional Council of FSC

North Country Council

Northern New York Regional Council of FSCs
  • Serving 13 clubs east of Lake Ontario, south of the St Lawrence River, west of Lake Champlain and north of the Adirondacks (from Lake Placid)

The goals of the Northern New York Regional Council of FSCs are to:
  • To encourage the instruction and advancement of skaters of all disciplines of figure skating in the area
  • Maintain a common calendar for test sessions and interclub nonqualifying competitions
  • Provide opportunities for training of officials, including hosting judges schools
  • Provide partial funding for attendees of U.S. Figure Skating's annual Governing Council meeting
  • Provide a forum to discuss member club issues
  • Serve as a conduit of information from U.S. Figure Skating, Eastern VP (through conference calls) and interclub association (again, through conference calls)
  • Encourage area synchronized skating teams

Oregon Skating Council

Serving five member clubs: Eugene FSC in Eugene, Ore.; Portland ISC in Lloyd Center, Ore.; Sherwood FSC in Sherwood, Ore.; SC of Oregon in Beaverton, Ore.; and Southern Oregon FSC in Medford, Ore.
The Oregon Skating Council (OSC) performs its mission by:

  • Acting as a coordinating body for the skating-related activities of its member clubs to encourage regional participation and to discourage conflicts
  • Presenting, sponsoring or promoting major skating events within the geographic area to raise the profile of figure skating in the community, to provide opportunities for clubs and their members to observe and participate in major events, and to assure a role for the local skating community in any U.S. Figure Skating-sanctioned event presented in Oregon or in nearby communities
  • Presenting and sponsoring skating events intended to provide opportunities to improve the quality of skating in the skating community or, in particular, skating disciplines such as clinics, seminars, competitions, demonstrations, classes and shows
  • Sponsoring and coordinating a region-wide, U.S. Figure Skating-testing program for skaters run by its member clubs. To this end, OSC funds the requirement for out-of-area officials when needed as well as scholarships/reimbursement for the cost of training and maintaining officials who are members of OSC clubs, coordinates a yearly test schedule, and sets a schedule of uniform test fees for all test sessions conducted by OSC member clubs
  • Raises funds to support its activities through dues, grants, donations and the conduct of OSC-sponsored fundraising events
  • Sponsors the development of new skating programs and new skating clubs within the area by providing technical advice, coordination, gifts, grants and loans
  • Supports member clubs and their skaters in times of difficulty by providing technical advice, coordination, gifts, grants and loans to ensure the stability and continuation of member clubs
  • In the case of a member club losing its principal skating headquarters, provides assistance, technical advice and coordination to permit the designation of an alternate principal skating headquarters in cooperation with a host member club and coordinating with other member clubs to assure the availability of ice for the skaters and coaching members of the displaced member club until an alternate skating headquarters can be found
  • Coordinating with other interclub associations
  • Reserving to itself the exclusive right to designate any ice surface within Oregon that has a nominal seating capacity of more than 5,000 seats as a principal skating headquarters of OSC. OSC may assign the right of designation permanently or temporarily to a member club that has lost its principal skating headquarters.

Pacific Northwest Interclub Association
  • Serving clubs in Washington, Idaho and Montana

The association holds quarterly conference calls for all member clubs to participate in at no cost to the participant. It also hosts an annual PNIC Figure Skating Championship competition using the IJS equipment and bringing in officials from out of the area that clubs otherwise would not be able to afford. We also strive to host seminars for board members, skaters and officials.

Penn-West Council FSC

Southern CA Interclub Assn FSC

Southern Eastern Great Lakes FS Council
  • Serving 25 member clubs in six states

The council is a resource to member clubs in the area due to its many years of experience, competition equipment and growing number of officials and volunteers

Southern Inter Club Skate Council

Texas Figure Skating Association

Tri-States Council of Figure Skating Clubs
  • Serving 69 clubs in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana

Tri-States Council is always evolving - updating, changing, switching, adding - and looking for new ideas to keep the clubs "on top of things" for the membership.

  • Tri-States Synchronized Competition
  • Tri-States Free Skating Competition
  • Pay for all member clubs for National Skating Month materials
  • Host a synchronized skating school for judges at the Kick Off Classic in Kalamazoo, Mich., each November
  • Host an annual meeting the first Saturday in June every year
  • Send thousands of dollars to skaters advancing in qualifying competitions (2009 - paid out more than $11,000)
  • Send monies to officials that advance their appointments
  • Rental of music equipment for all member clubs that host competitions

Twin City Figure Skating Association
  • The Twin City Figure Skating Association (TCFSA) consists of 20 figure skating clubs within the state of Minnesota who are permanent members of United States Figure Skating and who desire to join the association.

The purpose of this association is to foster, promote, improve and encourage the sport of figure skating among youth under 18 years of age in Minnesota to promote cooperation between the member clubs, and to encourage and facilitate participation in regional, sectional, national and international figure skating competitions.

Organization Goals
  • Provide a cohesive organization to bid on projects beyond a single club's scope
  • Sponsor an annual skating championship
  • Sponsor an annual skating exhibition (Celebration of Champions) to highlight sectional, national and international skaters, Minnesota state champions and other special awards skaters
  • Host synchronized training camps and singles training camps with world-class coaches
  • Give monetary stipends to skaters advancing to sectional, national and international competitions
  • Provide training for our Minnesota officials through judge's schools and seminars
  • Donate money to the Minnesota Skating Scholarship Fund and Academic Skating Scholarship Fund, which provide scholarships to qualifying skaters
  • Provide a setting for clubs to exchange ideas and concerns
  • Provide two consolidated test sessions a year for singles, pairs, moves and free style tests
  • Provide consolidated dance test sessions as needed
  • Provide a quality newsletter to keep members informed
  • Provide a website that individual clubs may link to
  • Track test sessions held by member clubs
  • Provide an ad stipend to clubs hosting a competition or ice show
  • Annually recognize a volunteer with a Champion for Skating award
  • Host a seminar for U.S. Figure Skating Governing Council delegates to understand the issues to be voted