U.S. Figure Skating Risk Management Guide

Waivers and Releases
  • A waiver and release is an acknowledgment that an activity carriers certain risk that may result in serious injury, death or dismemberment. The waiver should contain wording that the individual will not litigate against the organization.
  • The general liability carrier for U.S. Figure Skating requires that all participants have signed waivers and releases on file. Parents or guardians should sign for minors, and a new waiver is required on an annual basis. The waivers should be maintained for a minimum of four years and need to be available should a claim come forward.
  • Single-event waivers are required for one time participants but are not required if an annual waiver and release is already on file.
  • Should you have questions about the waiver policy, please contact Wells Fargo Insurance Services at 800.796.2845.
  • To view this waiver and release form, please click here (PDF).

Directors and Officers Liability Coverage

Individually and as a group, members of a nonprofit (501c3) Board of Directors are legally and morally responsible for the activities of an organization. As a general rule, Board members are solely responsible for determining the association's policies.

Responsibilities fall into three categories:

    1. Planning - The Board has a major responsibility to establish goals and objectives that support the association's mission statement.

    2. Directing - The Board should be able to guide the association and supervise the overall objectives in a successful manner.

    3. Financial Management - The Board has an obligation to maintain the financial integrity of the organization; the-day-to day operation is overseen by the executive director and controller, but the Board maintains oversight responsibilities.

Why should you have directors and officers coverage?
Coverage provides protection for allegations of "bad decisions" or "wrongful acts." It provides protection for issues not related to bodily injury or property damage.

What type of claims would be covered?

  • Claims of discrimination, for such things as age, sex, race or handicap. A coach who is dismissed could file a suit for any of these reasons, again, whether they are valid or not.
  • Failure to enforce rules or bylaws
  • Failure to properly manage the financial affairs of the organization
  • Wrongful dismissal or suspension of club personnel, coaches or skaters

Are legal fees covered?
Yes, and in most instances legal fees will be the largest expense incurred. The carrier must be notified and approve of legal counsel prior to expenses being incurred.

Who is covered under this insurance?
The club, as an entity, as well as all directors, officers, employees and volunteers.

How do I apply for coverage?
Directors and officers liability coverage can be purchased online through American Specialty and Philadelphia Insurance with a $1 million limit. There is an optional $2 million limit.

Please visit the American Specialty Insurance home page to purchase the coverage.

General Liability

What is general liability coverage?
General liability coverage provides insurance coverage for an occurrence that results in bodily injury or property damage to a third party. This coverage would include the cost of defense even if the charges are groundless, false or fraudulent.

Covered activities
Sanctioned skating and skating-related activities are covered. These could include fundraising activities, off-ice training and other club events. Should you have questions about an event you are conducting, you may contact the people listed below for clarification.

Coverage information
The insurance carrier for general liability is AXIS Insurance Company, providing $1 million in coverage. Wells Fargo Insurance Services provides broker service for this program and can be contacted at 800.796.2845.

Sports Accident Coverage

Provides excess medical coverage for participants in figure skating events and practices sponsored, sanctioned and supervised by U.S. Figure Skating and U.S. Figure Skating member clubs.

Coverage limits:
Excess accident maximum: $50,000
Accidental death and dismemberment: $25,000
Deductible: $2,500

Insurance carrier: Mutual of Omaha

For additional information and questions, contact Wells Fargo Insurance Services at 800.796.2845.

Coaches Registration Information

Coaches Liability

Provides general liability for coaches for all skating and skating-related activities. This coverage would provide defense even if claims are false, fraudulent or groundless and claims that include libel, slander and defamation of character.
  • Policy term is from July 1-June 30
  • Annual premiums are $100 and cannot be prorated

*Coverage Summary
Each Occurrence Limit - $1,000,000
Personal & Advertising Injury Limit (Any One Person or Organization) - $1,000,000
General Aggregate Limit - Per Coach - $5,000,000
Products/Completed Operations Aggregate - $5,000,000
Damage to Premises Rented to You (Any One Premises) - $1,000,000
Medical Expense Limit EXCLUDED
Abuse & Molestation Per Occurrence Sub-limit - $1,000,000
Abuse & Molestation Aggregate Sub-limit - $2,000,000

To access coverage through American Specialty Insurance Services, click here.

For questions about coverage and other aspects of the program, contact Wells Fargo at 800.796.2845.

Claims Reporting

General liability claims should be reported as soon as possible. Even if you believe that a claim will not be filed but an incident has occurred resulting in injury or property damage, it should be reported as soon as is practical. Experience tells us that claims that are addressed quickly tend to not be as costly. In addition, we have an obligation to the carrier as part of the policy conditions to notify them as soon as we have knowledge of a claim.

General liability claims should be accompanied by any documentation you have which could include, an incident report, police reports if applicable, court documents and other witness statements. In addition, waivers and releases that were signed should be included if the claim involves a participant. Below is an incident report for you to use as a guide to gather the appropriate information. At any time you may contact Wells Fargo Insurance Services for assistance in this process at 800.796.2845.

Sports Accident Claims

A claim form should be filed with U.S. Figure Skating within 60 days of the date of injury. Payments for medical services must be incurred within 104 weeks of the date of the injury. The claim form should be submitted to U.S. Figure Skating, 20 First Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80906 or email to memberservices@usfigureskating.org. Additional follow-up may be made to Wells Fargo Insurance Services at 800.796.2845.

Background Checks

U.S. Figure Skating requires background searches on individuals working directly with skaters to provide a safe and secure environment.
Certificate of Insurance Procedures

Certificates of insurance coverage are automatically generated each year at membership renewal time. When available, an e-mail is sent to club presidents and secretaries with instructions on how to download the certificates from the carrier's website. Please contacte Member Services if you require additional certificates.