Resources and Forms for Club Management

How To Form a U.S. Figure Skating Club
This is a step-by-step procedural manual to help you get started in forming a new figure skating club. Contents include qualifications for interim and provisional club membership, tips on how to get organized, application for interim and provisional membership and the timeline (also visit Starting a New Club).

Checklist for Success - An Assessment Tool for U.S. Figure Skating Clubs
Spend a few moments assessing your figure skating club board by using this Checklist for Success and evaluate your club in the following critical areas. However, the most important part of these best practices is not only how well your club does each one, but also how well these best practices are integrated into the organization as a whole.

What the Checklist for Success will bring to your club:

1. Evaluation of your performance - this provides a tangible measurement based on what you are already doing and uses a simple grading scale to evaluate your performance in those areas.
2. Identification of areas for improvement and gives early warning signs of potential problems that might arise. By assessing your performance, you will be able to celebrate your strengths and improve upon your weaknesses.
3. Developing a plan for the future - By evaluating where you are today, you will be able to create a better vision of where you want to be tomorrow. The Checklist for Success offers the best practices of figure skating clubs and what successful clubs do to constantly improve.
4. Recognition for being a strong club. Upon completion of the Checklist for Success and the achievement of a high score, you can proudly display that your club has earned top honors from U.S Figure Skating.

Club Board Annual Calendar
This sample calendar is a reference guide of annual/monthly events and activities designed to assist member clubs and board members in the endeavor of planning for the future. Many of the events and activities listed are general in nature, so please consult calendars or event listings for more specific dates. Not all clubs participate in everything listed - this is just meant as a guide. This document is based on the U.S. Figure Skating membership year of July 1-June 30.

Formation of a Nonprofit Corporation

This guide provides general information and guidance on such matters, with a focus on requirements to form a nonprofit corporation and to obtain tax-exempt status, as well as certain other related tax and reporting matters. As such, this guide highlights basic issues and cannot identify or explain all the information, issues and requirements that may be faced by persons seeking to form a nonprofit corporate entity.

Sample Club Bylaws
This is meant to be a reference tool for club boards in writing their own club bylaws. Use this as a template only.


Choosing to Merge
By combining strengths, two clubs can create an entity that is more powerful than the original parts. A merger may increase two clubs' reach and allow them to accomplish more with a unified front. By combining efforts, they can increase their membership base, buying power, volunteer pool, and ice time usage improving the overall conditions for their collective members. To find out more about the process of merging two clubs, click here.

Club Fundraising Guidebook

The Club Fundraising Guidebook was compiled from many great sources to provide U.S. Figure Skating clubs with ideas, resources and the motivation to create a successful fundraising plan. Please keep in mind that each state has its own legal requirements for conducting fundraising efforts. All fundraising efforts for nonprofits must also comply with all IRS regulations. Before implementing any fundraising initiative, visit to find out if your fundraising efforts are in compliance.
Conflict Management and Resolution Guide
Conflict is a natural part of life. Dealing with it in an effective and meaningful way is the main difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy one. While conflict can be difficult and uncomfortable, the end result after collaborating or compromising is usually a better decision. In an effort to encourage clubs to address conflict at the local level, U.S. Figure Skating has put together this manual to assist clubs in this regard.

Principal Skating Headquarters Explained
Member clubs have to abide by certain membership rules set forth by U.S. Figure Skating; one of these includes declaring principal skating headquarters on an annual basis and Club Ethics. All member clubs need to realize that MR 2.04 is a U.S. Figure Skating rule and does not supersede rink management's ability to secure ice time contracts or purchases with other user groups.

Clubs must understand that an ice facility is a separate business from a club and they can decide which entities are allowed to operate within them. Clubs must adhere to all codes of conduct therein, and occupancy in any facility is a privilege.

Volunteer Recruiting Resources
Use these resources to help develop a volunteer recruiting program in your club, create position descriptions, interview potential volunteers and recognize those that do help out. Include these forms in your your club membership renewal packets to find out what areas of expertise lies within your membership. Keep track of this information for when you need to recruit volunteers for upcoming events and projects.

Coach Compliance
In keeping with the standards of many youth sports organizations, schools and recreational programs in America today, U.S. Figure Skating has implemented a background screening process to help ensure that we are providing a safe environment and protecting the welfare of all participants in U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned activities. Parents must also have the highest degree of confidence that their children are not only receiving good care and proper instruction but are safe from improper conduct. For more information on coach compliance, click here.

Pattern Dance Music
Pattern dance music for testing and competitions can now be downloaded for free through the links below. Select the music that works for your club, or download all of it.

Ice Dance Music for Testing: Click here to download

Preliminary Bronze Music: Click here to download

Customized Commercial Spot
U.S. Figure Skating is pleased to offer our clubs and programs the opportunity to buy a personalized public service announcement to use for in-arena and or local television promotion. This PSA is a 30-second spot with a customizable final slide for club promotion that includes your local club name and contact information (i.e., website, contact individual, phone number, email address).



Pricing $55 (includes digital file and DVD if requested)

To order your personalized PSA, email Kevin Leonardo, at

Sample final TV slide.

Customized Dasher Board (Rinkboard) and Banner

U.S. Figure Skating is offering to all its member figure skating clubs a customized eight-foot dasher board and a 30x96 vinyl banner by AMI Graphics to proudly display rink side at your home facility. The U.S. Figure Skating discounted price, which includes shipping, is only $115 per dasher board and $95 per banner. You can personalize the top line with your club or program name (see sample above). Dashmax is an ultra-durable dasher product that is easy to install.
Camps, Clinics and Seminars

U.S. Figure Skating has created a manual for clubs interested in hosting a special training camp, seminar or clinic.
With a few exceptions, U.S. Figure Skating does NOT sanction skating camps, clinics and seminars. However, Headquarters receives many inquiries from members looking to attend these types of events. If you are hosting an upcoming event of this type and would like it listed on, please download the form below and e-mail or fax it to U.S. Figure Skating Headquarters.
Note: It is not required that you complete this form in order to host a camp. You only need to complete this form if you want your camp listed on U.S. Figure Skating Online.

Useful Forms