Novice Men

PlaceStartNameShort ProgramFree SkateTotal Score
12Lucas Rosa, Adrian College133.14160.2793.41
21Kevin Lee, University of Wisconsin-Madison228.60252.8181.41
Judge 1Sheren Chiang, Cornell University
Judge 2Keith Yingling, The University of North Texas
Judge 3Jo-Ann Eufrazio, Concordia University
Judge 4Daren Patterson, Queens University
Judge 5Laura Murphy, Ohio State University
RefereeLeslie Gianelli, Mount Holyoke College
Technical ControllerJudi Owens, Baylor College of Medicine
Technical SpecialistKristina Shakarjian, Penn State
Assistant Technical SpecialistOuida Robins, University of California Berkeley

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Saturday, Aug 05, 2017, 05:33 PM Eastern Daylight Time