Tiffany Scott Announces Retirement; Rusty Fein Graduates From Penn

Tiffany Scott and Rusty Fein
Photo by Michelle Harvath

(5/19/06) - 2002 Olympic pairs skater Tiffany Scott announced today her retirement from competitive skating. She was the 2003 U.S. pairs champion with former partner Philip Dulebohn, who retired last year. During the 2005-06 season she skated with Rusty Fein, finishing fourth at the 2006 State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Fein celebrates a milestone himself this week, graduating from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in economics and a minor in history.

Scott and Dulebohn's eight-year career together included five U.S. medals, four World Figure Skating Championships appearances and a trip to the 2002 Olympic Winter Games. When Dulebohn chose to move on to coaching, Scott decided she wasn't quite ready.

“When Philip retired I wasn't really that surprised, because I knew how he was feeling,” Scott said. “For me, personally, I just felt like I still had more in me. I still had room to grow as a skater, and I wanted to find that potential – to become a better skater for myself. Skating with Rusty gave me that opportunity to explore myself and really push myself artistically. He's a very artistic skater, and I think that helped me quite a bit.”

When Fein heard that Dulebohn was retiring, he approached Scott like the diligent student he was – with a 10-page paper titled “Continuing Tiffany's Success,” outlining the benefits of their future partnership. She was convinced.

The team competed in three events together, taking fifth place in their international, the 2005 Nebelhorn Trophy. They went on to place first at the Eastern Sectional and fourth at the U.S. Championships – the best placement of any first-year team.

“Nationals was quite an experience,” Fein said. “While Tiffany and my few successes are very small compared to hers as a whole, I think that the immense effort we put into this past year to realize these small accomplishments make them very special to both her and me.”

Scott will graduate with a degree in nutrition from the University of Delaware next spring. She currently teaches skating at the University of Delaware, where she will be the head coach of the university's collegiate team next year. She and husband Brian Pryor have bought a house in Wilmington, Del.

“I wish to extend my sincere gratitude for all the opportunities and experiences that U.S. Figure Skating has provided me,” Scott said. “Although this chapter of my life is coming to a close, it will always be held very close to my heart. It was an honor to represent U.S. Figure Skating.”

Fein is currently interviewing with investment banks and hedge funds. He plans to pursue business school, law school or a joint program in the future. Highlights of his past season include working with choreographer Shanti Ruchpaul and coach Ron Ludington. He is uncertain if his future will include competitive skating.

“I'm always open to great opportunities, like the one I had with Tiffany,” Fein said. “I'm very fond of skating, and I'm very driven to success. I hope to make a valuable contribution to skating because of my love for it, whether that's through my skating or other areas, like judging. At this time I'm open to all great opportunities.”