Angela Nikodinov Makes a Statement to the Media

Angela Nikodinov made a brief statement to the media Saturday afternoon.
Photo by Paul Harvath

(1/15/05) — Angela Nikodinov made a brief statement to the media at 12:30 local time Saturday at the State Farm U.S. Championships. Nikodinov was at the Rose Garden Arena to watch and support her friends competing in the men's free skate. The statement was as follows:

“First, I just want to thank everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers for my family and me. I look forward to getting back on the ice and being able to perform again. I would just like to have some private time for my family and I and after a few days, I'll be in a better position to answer all of your questions about the accident. I just want to ask for your patience and understanding. As far as today, I decided to come to the arena today to be there for my friends who have supported me through all of this. I would just like to be there for them.

“That's all I can say for right now. Just thank you.”

Naomi Lang, five-time U.S. ice dancing champion, and Ivan Dinev, a men's singles competitor who represents Bulgaria, accompanied Nikodinov to the press conference.

Video of Statement