Goebel Withdraws from State Farm U.S. Championships

Tim Goebel with Dr. Leisure Yu

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(1/9/04) An attempt to find a solution to the equipment problems Timothy Goebel has been dealing with this season yielded something different entirely. On Friday one of the U.S. Team doctors evaluated Goebel and found multiple changes in his feet, legs, hips and back that have occurred since August.

Dr. Leisure Yu and Goebel talked about the problem during a press conference Friday night. The press conference came after Goebel announced that he is withdrawing from the 2004 State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships and more than likely the rest of the season.

"These are quite dramatic changes ... [more] than I have seen in a skater in a long time," Yu said. "I had evaluated Tim in August, and when we re-examined him today his biomechanics are totally different."

The evaluation was done as part of an effort to find ways to adjust Goebel's boots to his physiology. In trying to find a way to adjust the equipment the U.S. Team doctors first had to evaluate Goebel's body to see what was happening. That is when the changes were discovered.

Goebel described the problem as a "vicious cycle," and he said he is unsure of which came first - the equipment problems or the changes in his body.

"Both need to be adjusted and corrected now," Goebel said of both his body and the equipment. "At this point my body has realigned to the equipment and the equipment is not ideal. I need to get home and get this fixed for the future."

Goebel had no idea the problem had become so severe. He said he has just been trying to get through the season and thought he would be able to do that by adjusting the equipment.

After his medical evaluation on Friday Goebel learned that it will take making adjustments to both his body and to the equipment to get the problem taken care of.

In a statement released earlier in the evening, Goebel said withdrawing from the event was one of the hardest decisions he ever had to make in his career. His primary goal remains being a part of the 2006 Olympic Team.