JoJo Starbuck is Keynote Speaker at Chevy Team 2010 Kickoff Breakfast

Chevy Team 2010

The Chevy Team 2010 kicked off Tuesday morning, Jan. 14, with the annual kick-off breakfast at Union Station in Dallas. Chevy sponsors this seminar and has been instrumental in providing U.S. athletes with an informative continuing education program.

This two-day seminar is exclusively for all qualifying national novice athletes, parents and coaches. It includes emphasis on judging, media training, off-ice training concepts, nutrition and psychological development classes. Leading PhDs in sports psychology provide the leadership for the psychology while certified strength and conditioning specialists conduct conditioning classes. National referees, judges and officials are the key presenters for the judging and practice sessions.

The program's goals include:

* To present information to elite novice athletes

* Preparing athletes for yearly off-ice training cycles

* Providing information on coping skills for stress management during competition and in training

* Grooming athletes for media responsibility

* Providing athletes with a guiding perspective to help promote their long term commitment and achievements in skating

* Equipping athletes with skills to successfully compete at the U.S. Championships

Technically, the seminar began during the novice free skates Monday afternoon. Randy Minkoff and Sue Castorino of the The Speaking Specialists set up a TV interview area backstage. After completing their free skates, athletes were led directly to this "mock kiss and cry area" and interviewed on tape. Minkoff and Castorino provided tips to the athletes and then provided another presentation on Tuesday.