Derrick Delmore Withdraws After Short Program

Derrick Delmore

Derrick Delmore of Fort Washington, Md., has officially withdrawn from the men's competition at the 2003 State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships. Delmore completed his short program, but he is unable to continue due to a right hip flexor injury that has bothered him since early November.

Delmore first noticed the injury after falling on a quad attempt at Skate Canada in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

"I've been concerned with it ever since it happened," Delmore said. "We've been taking all the necessary precautions. I've been through different treatments like chiropractic treatment, electrical stimulation treatment, massage therapy, and medications."

Delmore added that he has kept working through the pain because of his determination to go to the World Championships in his home area of Washington, D.C.

"I knew I wanted to come and give it a shot, especially with Worlds in D.C., " he said. "I knew that I would be skating through pain, but I would have killed myself if I hadn't given it a try."