Colin Pennington Follows in Brother's Footsteps with Gold

Colin Pennington

Colin Pennington moved up from second to win gold. Winning the novice men's competition at the 2003 State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships on Monday put Colin Pennington (The SC of New York) well on the way to following in his brother, Parker's, footsteps.

"This skate felt so great," he said. "I'm speechless. I don't know how to describe the adrenaline rush."

After placing second in the short program, Pennington said he thought it would be awesome to follow Parker title for title. Parker won the U.S. novice men's title in 1998 and the U.S. junior title in 2001.

Pennington said he was pleased with how he executed his jumps, which included two double Axels, four triples and two combinations, with one being a triple Salchow-double toe.

Next year Pennington will attempt to follow in Parker's footsteps again when he competes on the junior level.

David Weintraub (The SC of New York) moved up from fourth after the short program to win the silver medal. Despite having some trouble with the triple Lutz, Weintraub was pleased with his program.

"Overall I think I skated better than I ever have before in competition," he said. "Mostly when I'm on the ice I just try to remember what my coaches tell me. I think that's the most important thing I can do is listen."

Since this was Weintraub's second time to compete at the U.S. Championships, he said he was more comfortable. He admitted to being nervous before the short program but said going into the free skate he was relaxed.

Weintraub had planned to do a triple Axel but changed his mind when he had trouble completing the triple Lutz.

"I waited too long on the triple Lutz, which caused me problems," he said, "so instead of attempting the triple Axel I went for the clean skate with the double Axel-double toe combination."

Tommy Steenberg (SC Northern Virginia) captured the bronze medal, slipping to third after placing first in the short program. Several little mistakes on jumps plagued Steenberg in the free skate.

"I wasn't completely happy with how I skated today, but I wasn't completely disappointed either," he said.

Steenberg said one of his goals during this competition was not to fall on any jumps, even in practice and warm-up. He was accomplishing that goal until he fell during the warm-up for the free skate.Then during his performance he stepped out of a triple flip, doubled a planned triple loop, and put his hand down on a triple toe, which caused him to miss a combination jump.

"It was just a lot of little mistakes, but I don't think the fall during warm-up contributed to it," he said. "I put the bad warm-up out of my mind."