Frisch and Bommentre Lead Junior Dance

Kirsten Frisch and Brent Bommentre

The junior competition opened at the 2003 State Farm U.S. Figure Skating Championships on Monday with the compulsory dance. The 12-team field competed with the Westminister Waltz followed by the Silver Samba.

Kirsten Frisch and Brent Bommentre (Philadelphia SC and HS), who train under the tutelage of Robert Kaine and Cheryl Demkowski-Snyder, are the current leaders. Frisch and Bommentre collected five first-place ordinals in the first dance and won the second dance with the greatest majority of second-place marks, along with two first-place ordinals for a majority of 8/2nds. Frisch and Bommentre were fourth last year in this event.

"It's really helped that Kirsten no longer commutes four hours a day for training and can use that time for more training now," Demkowski-Snyder said.

"These two (compulsory) dances don't contain any tricky elements," Bommentre said. "If you do the swing roll correctly the turns just happen. With the samba the challenge is the fast tempo."

Together for five seasons, this is their third year at the junior level, and they trained hard to skate with deeper knees this season. The team skated with good flow and speed for the Westminister Waltz and skated a strong samba, capturing the flavor of that Latin dance.

The second-place team of Flo Steed (Texas Gulf Coast SC) and Augie Hill (Skokie Valley SC) had four first-place ordinals but only one second-place mark for a majority of 5/2. They train in Plano, Texas, with Olivia and Warren Maxwell, so the crowd was definitely in their favor.

"The samba is definitely our favorite compulsory," Steed said.

This team is in their second year of U.S. junior level competition and gave solid performances, moving up from their sixth-place finish at the 2002 State Farm U.S. Championships in Los Angeles.

The third-place team of Carly Donowick and Leo Ungar (Peninsula SC), who train in San Jose, Calif., with former World dance champions Marina Klimova and Sergei Ponomarenko, received three first-place ordinals and two second-place marks for a 5/2 majority. This is their first season competing together as a team.

The original dance will be at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday in the main arena.