Novice Awards

Gwinnett Center
Monday, January 5
Photos by Paul and Michelle Harvath

Ladies: Christine Zukowski, first; Danielle Shepard, second; Megan Oster, third; Cara Kinney, fourth

Men: Princeton Kwong, first; Daisuke Murakami, second; Charlie White, third; Stephen Carriere, fourth.

Pairs: Mariel Miller/Rockne Brubaker, second; Julia Vlassov/Drew Meekins, first; Keauna McLaughlin/Ethan Burgess, third; Aaryn Smith/Will Chitwood, fourth.

Dance: Lauren Capehart/Stephen Chasman, first; Jane Summersett/Elliot Pennington, second; Emily Samuelson/Evan Bates, third; Elizabeth Palmer/Ryland Stucke, fourth.

Ladies fourth-place finisher Cara Kinney with two of her fans.

Broadmoor FSC coaches Tom Zakrajsek and Dalilah Sappenfield with their two pairs medalists, Aaryn Smith and Will Chitwood (fourth), and Mariel Miller and Rockne Brubaker (second).